Baybayin documentary

Next week, I will start filming my Baybayin documentary. Over the past 2 months, I’ve been busy organizing, writing and figuring out how to do this ambitious project. My biggest issue was, what kind of Baybayin film do I make? I don’t consider myself a scholar. I don’t have the funds or the time to travel all around the Philippines to document various scripts still used today.

So, what’s the story? I don’t intend to make a National Geographic type of doc that’s for sure. The truth is, I don’t know yet. That’s why I’m going to the Philippines at the end of the month to find one. I plan to interview quite a few people regarding Baybayin and Filipino culture in general.

A couple notes:

  • This project is currently self financed but I’m open for sponsorships. I have a few ideas if your business is interested. Contact me at info (at)
  • I’m planning to attend a couple Baybayin related events while in Manila. Follow me on the Baybayin Facebook page for the latest about this project.
  • Detailed updates about this project can also be found at
  • Interested in taking part? I will be in Manila 4/23. Contact me at info (at)

Movie: Green Rocking Chair. A Juan Baybayin Story


Came across this documentary today. I badly want to see this. Too bad it’s not on DVD yet. It was released 2008 in the Philippines and directed by Roxlee.

The filmmaker’s personal search for Baybayin or Alibata, the original Filipino writings before the Spaniards came and colonized the Philippines in 1521. The search will determine of such ancient alphabet still exists and practices all over the archipelago.
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