EVENT: 1st Filipino American International Book Festival

Books, art and music! 3 of my favorite things! The 1st Filipino American International Book Festival is this weekend, Oct 1-2 in between the San Francisco Main Library and the Asian Art Museum. I’ll be signing my book with the Baybayin Burner – Ray Haguisan and our very special guest, the Baybayin font king – Norman de los Santos who will bring copies of Anak Bathala.

Come by for custom artwork and translations. I’ll also be displaying my collection of old Baybayin stamps, money and other goodies.

Pilyong Balong

Ang kwento ay tungkol sa isang bata [Balong] na lumaki sa probinsya kung saan ang mga batang mag-aaral ay naglalakad ng malayo sa kanilang pagpasuk sa eskwela. Sa mga paglalakad ay madalas maglaro at magbiruan ang mga bata dahil sa pagkakaroon ng pagkakataon na makasama ang isa’t isa ng matagal. Ngunit sa gayon ding pagkakataon ay di naiiwasan ang malabis na pagbibiro at mga pagkakapikunan, at para kay Balong, ito ay naging isang libangan.

Sa kwentong ito ay makikita kung papaanong ang isang inosenteng bata ay nagiging isang pilyo sa kaniyang mga kabata at kung papaanong sya’y natuto sa kaniyang pakikitungo sa iba.

Bili na!

GMA's Philippine Treasures

GMA should win a cultural award for their promotion of Baybayin this year. This past Sunday Sept 11, GMA aired they much hyped Philippine Treasures special. In one of the segments, they featured…..you guessed it! The rock you love to hate, The Ticao Stone, AKA Rizal Stone, AKA the rock that may have buried Lapu Lapu (yes, that’s a real quote), AKA the Dremel Stone and AKA (insert your own).

Why was there so much emphasis on the Ticao Stone when it hasn’t even been proven an artifact? I get why but it’s an insult to the Golden Tara.

Besides the unproven Ticao artifact, they briefly showed the Laguna Copper Plate, Calatagan Pot and various Hanunóo and Tagbanwa scripts.

Overall it was pretty good and worth watching.

My favorite part was seeing the ex-long “distance speculator”, Christopher Miller checking out the rock.

Watch the Baybayin segment while you can

Baybayin needs a Francis M

Francis M was rapper known for his nationalistic and socially conscious hip hop and rock fusion. From Wikipedia:

Francis Michael Durango Magalona (October 4, 1964 – March 6, 2009), also known as FrancisM, Master Rapper, MC The Mouth andThe Man From Manila, was a Filipino rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, actor, director, and photographer. He was the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines to cross over to the mainstream. He was credited for having pioneered the merging of rap with Pinoy rock, becoming a significant influence to artists in that genre as well. He was also a television host on MTV Asia and Channel V Philippines and on noontime variety television show Eat Bulaga! Magalona died seven months after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia.Magalona was later awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Merit. The award’s citation noted that it had been given “for his musical and artistic brilliance, his deep faith in the Filipino and his sense of national pride that continue to inspire us.

Some may disagree but the general consensus is that Francis M started the whole 3 Stars and a Sun craze with his song of the same title appearing in his Classic 1995 album, FREEMAN. The 3 Stars and a Sun theme would later become his clothing line. Shortly, others would follow with their own versions of “cool and modern nationalism”.

Baybayin needs a Francis M. Someone in the spotlight that has had a longtime (if not lifelong) interest and/or experience in Baybayin. Unfortunately, I don’t believe we currently have that. I’ve read Facebook posts saying that we need the media and entertainers to help promote Baybayin but to beg ask these artistas is ultimately superficial. Sure, there might be a small % of their sheep fans that might dig deeper but isn’t that just like your favorite entertainer promoting some product they wouldn’t use if they were not paid to do so?

Let’s say that Anne Curtis (one of the most popular and beautiful actresses in the Philippines and with over 1 million Twitter followers) promotes it but doesn’t actually know or use it. What good does that do other than a temporary interest. Is Baybayin something she can devote her time and $ to? I doubt it and that is fine. I want someone that is an actual practitioner rather than a cute face.

Hmmm, maybe we should get Norman & Ray to become action stars back home!