Baybayin Flashcards

I’ve launched my latest project: Baybayin Flashcards
The pre-sale is currently live on Kickstarter. <—Click here to purchase

Baybayin is an endangered writing system from the Philippines prior to Spanish colonization. Last June 2016, I was in the remote Mangyan village where I met elders of the the last tribe that still use the script. They were down to their last teacher! With success my first book, An Introduction to Baybayin and a coloring book for kids, a follow-up was needed to help my students memorize the characters. The 1st thing that popped in my head were the ABC flash cards I was exposed to as a kid.

A set of 18 flash cards of each of the characters of the writing system. There’s 3 vowels, 14 consonants and 1 info card.

New Baybayin educational iPhone app coming soon

Look out for a Baybayin educational iPhone app. What’s interesting is that Dr.Comandante is consulting. He’s the gentleman who proposed that Baybayin might have come from giant clams and the Baybayin dance. I also interviewed him for my Baybayin documentary. Looks promising.

Programming: Paul Laborte
Company: Taklobo, Inc.
Consultant: Dr. Bonifacio Comandante, Jr.
Design Firm: liquid and liquid CREATIONS (TM)