One Love, One Heart & my music

This is on an 8×24 canvas using different paints and an old cassette tape. It reads One Love One Heart. The saying is from the immortal Bob Marley song. I’m a big fan of reggae and dub. My favorite singer is Michael Rose of Black Uhuru fame and the crazy Lee Perry. While living in the Philippines in the 90’s, I was part of a band that had reggae and dub elements. You can listen to the Blue Bus demo here (written and produced by me). Some dub/ambient/acoustic tunes produced by my me. High & Alien…..

Baybayin Alive

Perla Daly recently started a blog called Baybayin Alive discussing the idea that the script has deeper meaning.

I just recently started this blog which will be dedicated to sharing some of the deeper meanings of various baybayin symbols. Some meanings are quite old. Other interpretations are new. But it remains that the archetypal meanings of symbols can be timeless.

If you have the ability to think metaphorically or like an indigenous person, you can better come to understand the hidden meanings of the baybayin. You can readily develop the ability if you are open. This can be a small awakening, steps towards pagbabalikloob and decolonization

An interesting post is about the Ba character and how it relates to women. One source of these ideas is from G.E. Tolentino’s book,  “Ang Wika at ang Baybaying Tagalog” in 1937. In it, he describes the whole alphabet the the supposed meanings.

Fil-Am Ako feature

I was recently interviewed on Fil-Am Ako

Here’s a snippet:

What do you feel needs to change with Filipinos and how the world views Pinoys?
Change the name of the country. You can’t be mayabang (boastful, cocky) and celebrate Pinoy achievements/freedom while still having your country named after a colonial master. True, the rest of the world doesn’t give a s#!t what we do but if we change the name, we would be sending a message that we are creating our own identity rather than carrying a legacy or using our “ingenuity” to spin it in a positive light. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not under any delusion that simply changing the name of the country will resolve all our ills but I believe it’s a step in the direction of real freedom. Other countries have done it but still have their issues but at least they chose their path. Keeping our country name is like the divorced with keeping her last name for convince and sentimental value after her husband beated her for hundreds of years. She refuses to change it because she likes it, has nicknames around it and it would be a big ass hassle to change her drivers license.

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Updates: Free consulting, Baybayin book, Prints, LA, Gallery

Been pretty busy for the last 3 months getting the 1st of my planned Baybayin books ready. I have a few project updates coming this this month….

FREE Consulting via Yahoo Messenger
I’ve setup a Yahoo Messenger account to answer any questions you have about Baybayin. Add BaybayinSchool on YM.

An Introduction to Baybayin
I just received a production copy of my Baybayin manual today. I’ll look it over to make sure my spelling and grammar isn’t too bad 🙂 I plan make it available for ordering online this week. A digital version will also be available. Check out the video below.

New prints
I haven’t really displayed my prints on this site. They are mostly for sale at my events. Anyway, I’ll have a couple more this month as part of my “Baybayin Sand Series”.

Los Angeles
I’m planning to make it down south for the 1st time to promote my artwork at a couple Filipino festivals in September and October. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

I finally put up a gallery of my artwork. It’s a bit disorganized but should suffice for now.