Team Manila goes Baybayin

One of the Philippines most popular brands, Team Manila, releases a Baybayin collection. I remember living next to these guys back in the day in Ortigas. Now look where the brand is! They’ve got stores all over the country and brought a sense of “Streetwear” to the Philippine masses. In their Baybayin Collection, they use the script as a pattern rather than words. Maybe in order to avoid mistakes? Notice the use of the diacritic markers similar to Arabic calligraphy. Props to Team Manila! This is great for the promotion of prePhilippine scripts. At least they used their own original artwork rather than ripping of artists like Walker Underwear.




Baybayin Europe

baybayin europe

Proud to announce my expansion to the EU & UK. Earlier this year, I went on a month long tour of Europe (UK/France/Belgium/Spain) and saw 1st hand the growing Filipino diaspora. There’s a lot of potential and I urge my fellow Filams & Filcans to connect. I’ve launch that has apparel and my 2 books that link to my partner sites. This is just the start


Lakas Typhoon Relief shirt

storenvy final lakas

I teamed up with After Eleven Apparel to release a limited edition shirt where 100% of the proceeds go to the non-profit, Waves for Water, who is currently on the ground in the Philippines installing water filtration systems to provide clean water. Buy now
waves for water


lakas final 4

From After Eleven

We got together with Philippine calligraphy artist & lecturer, Kristian Kabuay, to create a disaster relief tee shirt to benefit those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

The design features the word, Lakas -meaning strength in Tagalog – written in the prefilipino script, Baybayin (incorrectly known as Alibata)., by Kristian Kabuay.

The Lakas Tee will be for sale throughout the month of November.

ALL of the proceeds from the sale of this disaster relief tee shirt will be donated to non-profit, Waves for Water, who is currently on the ground in the Philippines installing water filtration systems to provide clean water to those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Their first visit will supply water for up to 30,000 people in affected area.

With 1,000,000 people left without water in the Philippines, we will be able to provide clean water for 100+ people with every 2 shirts sold.

We appreciate your support.

Asatiga anaga Pinoya = Astig ang Pinoy?


Came across the launch of Wika Clothing by Philippine rapper, D-coy. One of the shirts has Baybayin with the following characters:

Looks like it’s supposed to say “Astig ang Pinoy” (Pinoys are cool/hard/awesome). If so, it’s incorrect because there are no cancellation kudlits after the Sa, Ga, Ya and the Na-Ga should be the Ng.

Here’s how it should look like using my iPhone Baybayin Translator app in modified:

Here it is in traditional but notice that Astig can be mistaken for Ate without context



Has anyone seen this "Alibata" shirt at Kultura Filipino?

It’s great to see clothing with Baybayin on it especially in the Philippines. While checking out conversations about Baybayin on Twitter, I came across a photo of this dimply girl with a character chart shirt. The problem besides the obvious reference to Alibata, it shows non-standard characters such as Xa and Qa. The chart looks it was based on work by Ricardo Mendoza and Jayson Villaruz. I suspect that they just lazily Googled “Alibata chart” and went to images and spotted the as the 1st result and used it.

alibata baybayin chart

I’m all for the modernization but if the biggest Kultural store in the Philippines did in fact put this out, it’s irresponsible. Not just for the fact that they didn’t do enough research but it will lead to confusion for people starting out who may think that it’s a standard. If the shirt said modern “Alibata”, that would’ve been better. Stick with the basic 17 characters 1st as the foundation. I’ve received more than a few emails asking about X, Z, J and etc based on these modern charts.

Maybe they got the idea from Bench

Can anyone verify if this shirt is for sale at Kultura?