Pistahan recap – Live Art, Jose Rizal, Baybayin School and toys!

Once again, Malaya Designs and Baybayin.com promoted Baybayin for 2 days during the Pistahan festival in San Francisco.

Great weekend for us and the Filipino community. We held the 1st Filipino themed custom toy show in the US (I believe), did multimedia presentations on Jose Rizal’s Baybayin hardwriting, Baybayin School module presentation, Ray was burning bamboo live, painting, scribbling and good ‘ole conversations.

Also as usual, FREE “translations” galore

EVENT: Stanford University 5/14

Next Saturday 5/14/11 I’ll be at Stanford University giving a talk on Baybayin with a workshop. This will be the 1st showing of my Baybayin School program and never before seen documentary clips. It’s FREE and open to the public but you must register here: baybayinschool.com/register by May 10. Please add Baybayin.com as your Affiliation. Let me know if you have any questions.

baybayin workshop stanford university

Baybayin School survey – FREE gift

doctrina christiana baybayin tattoo
Over the past 5 years I’ve been meeting people at my events at festivals, learning institutions, museums and online and it became apparent that many people don’t how Baybayin works how relevant it is to rediscovering our pre-colonial past. I spend a lot of time explaining Baybayin and I feel its a subject people can be passionate about but need assistance.

I had plans of launching this mentoring program alongside with my documentary but I’ve decided to launch the program ahead.

The focus will be on the basics on how to write and read Baybayin. It will be for beginners who wish to learn the basics of the script.

If I just described you, and you would like private online mentoring from me, then this program is for you.


Before I launch, I want to know what YOU want and what are your problems in getting started with Baybayin so I can be certain to help you reach your goals.

To help me determine this, I need feedback from as many of you as possible. Even if you have no plans of joining my program, I would still appreciate the feedback. If I know what people struggle with, I can provide the best assistance.


To encourage feedback, I’m offering a soon to be released new ebook titled “Doctrina Christiana: Thoughts on Colonialism, Tattoos, & Baybayin” for FREE. It features a complete copy of the Doctrina Christiana and words from my Baybayin colleagues.

I’ll also give a 3 FREE early entries into the program to the people who provides the best feedback.

I’m launching this program soon, so I need your feedback withing 72 hours.

To send your feedback, please visit the SURVEY <–Click Here

Questions? Contact me at info@baybayin.com

Christian Cabuay