Baybayin is an abugida writing system consisting of 14 consonants and 3 vowels. Each of the 14 consonants ends with the vowel “A”.Β  For example, the letter B would be BA. The Thai, Balinese, and Sanskrit scripts also have similar characteristics.

The original “alphabet” consists of the following characters:

A | E | I | O | U

Ba | Ka | Da | Ga | Ha | La | Ma | Na | Nga | Pa | Sa | Ta | Wa | Ya

The kudlit is a small mark above or below a consonant character to change the pronouncing properties.
The KA character alone looks like this:
With the kudlit above it would be either KE or KI.


A kudlit below the character would be either KO or KU.


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  4. I need help trying to put “family is my everything” in baybayin. Can you help me out it would be much appreciated

  5. Well I was actually looking to have a tattoo done , and then I learned about baybayin .
    Id really like to learn this language , where can I start ?
    also id like a translation for a tattoo of “gift of God” or “kaloob ng dios” into baybayin .
    pls reply to mastakayos12@aol.com
    thank you

      • it is called virama,..just like in Devanagari script of India…,to eliminate the sound “a” in each BAYABAYIN character..we can used also the kudlit “+” ,instead of “x”. Actually the first to used that was Fr. Francisco Lopez in a book that he published in Kapampangan BAYBAYIN in 1620….

  6. Hello Christian, I’ve been practicing baybayin for two years now and can write and read it well enough to maybe teach it also to others. I haven’t seen your books yet. I just happen to see your site just now and I am amazed and proud that someone made it really well. Godbless

  7. Hi, I was wondering how you would translate the j sound. Like for Geraldine or genna. Is that with a g or a diye?

  8. We should follow the new rules in converting English to Tagalog….we should consider the sound of each letter–dipthong…,

  9. A good day,…Mr. Christian Cabuay,… i’m using BAYBAYIN everyday….in writing my journals and other articles on my notebook ..I also created facebook page and group which I posted different information about our BAYBAYIN.., .I learned writing and reading BAYBAYIN for a week coz I have already a knowledge about it from my readings and from school..My knowledge on computer and programming are limited…. That’s why I want to ask for your advice on how/what should I do for me to use BAYBAYIN characters in typing/encoding in computer…
    Hoping for your response…thank you..,

  10. Hi. How do you translate acronoyms, btw?Do you need to consider the first syllable consonant+vowel sound? Ex. letter P for Pilipinas in Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. Will the P= Pa (because when we say the letter P in Filipino abakada, we say /pa/)? or Do we just use the baybayin for ‘ P’, no vowel sound after? We would like to verify for the sake of the U.P. baybayin to be woven in the U.P. sablay. A fellow mentioned that the current baybayin in our sablay may possibly be an incorrect translation. Salamat!

  11. i have come across of one of your designs called “anak ng bayan” is it really what it is in baybayin or is it just a design you just decided to name that?

  12. Hello Kristian!
    I was wondering if I got this translation right. It’s my lola’s name, Juanita Cruz and to get the baybayin version, I put Wanita Karuz. I’m hoping that I followed the tutorial right. Thanks in advance!

  13. I would like to have a tattoo with my name on baybayin form and I want to be sure if I got my translation right. I was wondering which one is correct. Ke-Ne-T-H, Ke-N-Ne-T-H, or K-E-N-N-E-T-H. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  14. Hi I’m thinking of getting a tattoo in baybayin. I was wondering if anyone could help me translate ‘inner strength’ Would it be ‘sa loob ng kakayanan?’ Sa-Lo-B-Ng-Ka-Ka-Ya-Na-N?

  15. Hello there. Thanks for your page. I’m wondering how I would translate my name? It’s Michele Sherry. I’m confused on how it would be written since it doesn’t seem like Baybayin has the “ch” or the “sh” sound? Thanks in advance.

  16. Good morning christian pwede po ba ako mgpatranslate ng pangalan pra mgpagawa ako ng tattoo
    Me: Janrey
    Wife: Hyacinth
    Daughter: Cynthia Mikaella Jane
    Son: Danniel Scott

    Salamat po in advance

  17. How would I do Hope, Alexander, and Ebrahm in Baybayin? The E in Ebrahm makes the long A sound instead of the short E sound. Thanks!

  18. Im trying to write my family name. Its AGPAOA. Should I cancel out the vowel in PA? I think I got a problem writing PA follwed by O and then A. Pretty confused here. Pls assist. Thanks

  19. Sir ano po ba ang tama para sa family name ko na “AGPAOA”? ganito po ba αœ€αœ„αœ‰αœ‚αœ€ or ganito αœ€αœ„αœ‰αœ“αœ€?

  20. i’ve noticed on your “BAYBAYIN” translation you only used “BA-BA-YI” why did you omit the “Y’s”?

  21. Can you help me translate JOSE CRISTIANO to Babayin please. I downloaded the font. However, the C doesn’t translate. Thanks!

  22. how do I write nanay patawad? idk if that’s even right..mother forgive me or forgiveness mother something along those lines..please help..is it na-na-y pa-ta-wa-d

  23. For the word “pamilya” is it “Pa-Mi-Ya” or “Pa-Mi-L-Ya”? Are the vowel cancellations only for words with consonants at the end? Thanks, btw. Your site is very informative.

  24. how u doin christian? ive been practing baybayin for few weeks now..but i just wanna make sure how to write respect. its gonna be for my next tattoo.. Thank u

  25. Hi Sir. I would love to have my second tattoo in Baybayin style. Please help me translate my name and my daughters name.
    Me: Arabelle
    My Daughter: Aiashi
    Thankyou so much in advance. Hope to have your response Sir. GodBless.

  26. sir is this the right way to translate my name (doc jay)DOK DI-EY ? my knowledge in alibata is very rusty now it is way back from highschool when i learned this..

  27. Hi!!

    I got my last name tattooed on my shoulder. It should be “Damil”.
    But after seeing the chart above, the characters I got are DA-MI-LA.
    So if I just add that little X to LA then it will change the pronouncation to L. Am I right??

  28. Hi, so I’m trying to translate ‘imperfect’ into baybayin. I translated it first into tagalog, ‘hindi lubos’ (there were several ways to put it but this fit best with what meaning i’m putting behind it the actual word). So would it be HI-N-DI LU-BO-S?

  29. Hi, i need help regarding dun sa translation ng surname ko. It is Borja, sa baybayin it will be bo ha kasi walang letter j and r. Kaya nga lang yung translation niya is kapareho din ng word na “buhay” which is also bo ha in baybayin. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

  30. Hi I was wondering if you could help me. Im planning to have “agos” flow or flowing water tatooed in alibata. How do I write this properly since this would be permanently on me.

  31. Good day sir. Patulong po sana ako mag translate in baybayin “Never a failure, always a lesson” hoping for your kind response. Thank you.

  32. Hi, I need your help: I want to tattooing the on me the name of my son (his mother is from Bacolod).
    His name is DENNIS.
    The correct Baybayin translation is DE-NI or DE-NI-S?
    I’ve understand that traditionally the consonant without vowel were killed… I’m confused now…
    And it’s true that we don’t consider the double N? Like DE-N-NI-S?

    Thanks a lot!!!!!

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