An Introduction to Baybayin Lecture & Workshop video download

Filmed on 7/28/12 at Capital G, Philippines. This was during my art show and Ka2 hat launch.

Talking points:
– What the Ka logo means
– Why Alibata?
– History
– Filam experience
– Benefits of Baybayin
– Baybayin today
– Issues
– Strokes
– Translation technique
Duration: Approximately 105 mins
File type: MP4
File size: 627mb zipped

Price: Free/Donation
I’ll leave it up to you on how much you want to pay. Even if you make the price $0.00, you will be emailed a link to you to download.

If you do wish to donate (thank you), just enter the amount and click Update Cart. You can then select Paypal or Google Checkout (you don’t need an account to buy).

Why am I doing this? I want to experiment to see if the Filipino community reacts to donation products. I think that people in general are generous enough and will donate a fair price to cover for those who cannot afford to give. Salamat

If your interested in having a lecture & workshop at your school or organization, contact me at

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Return of the Ticao Stone!

It’s the return of the Ticao AKA the Rizal Stone! This past August 5-6 was the 1st Philippine Conference of the Ticao Stones where various speakers from different disiplines provided their insight on the infamous stones and other related topics.

Many of us couldn’t go but the organizers have just uploaded the presentations for the 2 days. I’ve read through some of it a couple weeks ago thanks to Christopher Miller who was in attendance. I must say the research is very comprehensive and well documented. However, there was no definitive conclusion as to the authenticity of the stones. As expected, it will take more time. The question is how long and what will be the communication method?

One of the interesting presentations was:
Integrating Baybayin Scripts into the School Curriculum
(Speaker: DepEd Region V Curriculum Expert)

Download all the presentations


  • What do you think of this conference?
  • Is it premature make Ticao Island the epicenter of Baybayin when it hasn’t even been proven to be a “real” artifact?
  • What are some of the interesting things you read in the documents?

Baybayin School survey – FREE gift

doctrina christiana baybayin tattoo
Over the past 5 years I’ve been meeting people at my events at festivals, learning institutions, museums and online and it became apparent that many people don’t how Baybayin works how relevant it is to rediscovering our pre-colonial past. I spend a lot of time explaining Baybayin and I feel its a subject people can be passionate about but need assistance.

I had plans of launching this mentoring program alongside with my documentary but I’ve decided to launch the program ahead.

The focus will be on the basics on how to write and read Baybayin. It will be for beginners who wish to learn the basics of the script.

If I just described you, and you would like private online mentoring from me, then this program is for you.


Before I launch, I want to know what YOU want and what are your problems in getting started with Baybayin so I can be certain to help you reach your goals.

To help me determine this, I need feedback from as many of you as possible. Even if you have no plans of joining my program, I would still appreciate the feedback. If I know what people struggle with, I can provide the best assistance.


To encourage feedback, I’m offering a soon to be released new ebook titled “Doctrina Christiana: Thoughts on Colonialism, Tattoos, & Baybayin” for FREE. It features a complete copy of the Doctrina Christiana and words from my Baybayin colleagues.

I’ll also give a 3 FREE early entries into the program to the people who provides the best feedback.

I’m launching this program soon, so I need your feedback withing 72 hours.

To send your feedback, please visit the SURVEY <–Click Here

Questions? Contact me at

Christian Cabuay

Baybayin brush font

For a limited time, download my brush style Baybayin font for FREE. If you ever used Paul Morrow’s fonts, they work the same way. I haven’t create documentation yet but you can get some basic info by downloading one of the files from Paul Morrow. For personal use only. Check out to learn how to install. Contact me with any questions. 

Get it at