Online Baybayin Art Gallery coming Feb 2010

Baybayin art gallery

One of my goals this year was to exhibit a Baybayin art gallery at a venue here in the San Francisco Bay Area. That didn’t happened due to a few factors:

Movie Screening
I wanted to hold a screening of a Baybayin movie from the Philippines. After numerous emails to the director over the past year, no commitments from their camp. I felt that it would draw people to the event being that Baybayin is relatively unknown.

I would probably would have to rent out space to hold this event. Without the movie screening, the draw might be minimal.

There aren’t that many Baybayin artists around. If they are, I haven’t found them online yet. in 2009, if your not online, you unfortunately don’t exist.

With the physical exhibition on-hold, the next best thing is to have an online gallery. Launching in Feb 2010, the site will feature artwork from Baybayin aficionados.

How it works:

  • Each month will feature a maximum of 10 artists
  • Each month will have a theme (1st one is 2010)
  • Artists can sell their work keeping 100% of sales
  • FREE guidance of Baybayin so that artists who don’t know the script can learn

Interested in joining? Contact me at info[at] / /

EVENT: 1AM SF – Tabi Tabi Po

tabi tabi po

“Tabi Tabi Po” is an art show dedicated to celebrating Filipino folklore through urban contemporary art. The Kapre, Manananggal, Dwende, Tikbalang, and Aswang are just a sampling of these haunting creatures that will be brought to life in this exhibit. A percentage of the art sales will be donated to the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng through BAYAN Philippines and BALSA (Bayanihan para sa Sambayanan).

Opening Reception: November, Friday the 13th from 7-10:30pm. The gallery will run for 1 month. Check it out at 6th & Howard, downtown SF.

I collaborated with Ray Haguisan of Malaya Designs burning a bahay kubo.

The artists include:

Angry Woebots, Stuter, gaNyan, Marikina, Gem Mateo, CeCe Carpio, Pancho Abalos, Mark Canto, Miguel (Bounce) Perez, Darvin (Boohi) Vida , England Hidalgo, Jerrell Conner, Nic Cowan, Andre Sibayan, Ciriaco Sayoc II, J2, Marc Aure, Peabe, Marlon Sagana Ingram, Minette Mangahas, Dyno, Christopher de Leon, Cat Chiu Phillips, Isabel (Pepper), Roxas, John Yoyogi Fortes, Allison Torneros, Mel Vera Cruz, Simbulan, Ray Haguisan

Manuel Ocampo, Analog, Boy Agimat, Dex Fernandez, Bru, Nelz Yumul, Katwo Puertollano, Jigger Cruz, Sam Ramos, Okto, Abi Dayacap, Melancholy, Liza Flores, Luis Lorenzana, Jon Jaylo, Mica Cabildo, Bjorn Calleja

Norway: Jet Pascua