Introducing Baybayin Agency

Baybayin translation

It’s a boutique agency specializing in providing professional transliteration of the Filipino script (Baybayin) to businesses worldwide. Now you know why I’ve been bombarding the Baybayin Facebook page with all these questions. I’m hoping to get the site up in the next couple of months to start the official launch.

Unlike my Baybayin “translation” services on where I focus on custom artwork for tattoos, Baybayin Agency will focus on business needs such as transliteration, translation and graphic design.

Visit and sign up for a notification of the launch.

P.S. I’m looking for Tagalog speakers who know Baybayin. Interested in taking on some future jobs? Email

Looking for Baybayin translators


While working on a few projects like my Baybayin School, documentary, and new book, I’m exploring another project and need some help. I’m looking for a Baybayin translator who knows how to type using fonts. I prefer someone from the Philippines. If you can speak other Filipino languages, the better but not required.

This will be a paid job. For more information, please email

Eugene Amano's clothing line

Filipino pro football paler Eugene Amano has is own clothing line “Amano Island Strength”. Check out the signature line from the myspace page. The Baybayin characters below are S-T-RE-NG-T-H. Kind of a strange transliteration in my opinion. Shouldn’t this be LA-KA or LA-KA-S?

Here’s probably what happened…..a search was made on google for “Alibata translator” and landed on the popular “Eagle’s corner”. Strength was typed in the translator using the modified “SPanish” version because using traditional would only return the “DA/RA” glyph. Some are under the impression that a Baybayin translator is also an English to Tagalog translator as well.