Baybayin Plus iOS app (iPhone & iPad)

A new Baybayin iOS app hit the App Store today called Baybayin Plus (link to Appstore). Here’s a description:

“Created to relive the ancient Filipino scripts used in the Philippines before Spanish Colonization. Support Filipino history, keep our ancient scripts alive.”

Developed by Marlon Jose Masbad. A Google search shows him as a developer from Singapore.

There are 3 parts:

1) Home: Main page intro
2) Translator: Enter your word and the output breaks it down
3) Guide: List of the characters with some information

It appears to be based on the very popular Eagles Corner translator. Notice the use of Paul Morrow‘s fonts.

What I find interesting is the note:

For better results convert non-Filipino words to its local equivalent first. Salamat..

What he’s trying to avoid or tell the users is that you shouldn’t enter “Strength” and expect it to output correctly. It’s a problem all “translation” applications have, including my own Baybayin App. Trying to guide end users without personal presence has always been a challenge. Ideally, the user should do research on their own but due to laziness the lack or minimal resources they will not. Is it up to developers to show them the door and let them walk in or do we need to carry them?

I tried out the app on my iPad on IOS5 and the Baybayin characters don’t output. It also is sensitive to spaces.

This is FREE from the Appstore. Check it out

CONTEST: Guess the results of Pacquiao vs Marquez & win iPhone app

You can win a FREE copy of my Baybayin Translator app for the iPhone!

Pacquiao vs Marquez is tonight and I’m predicting Pacman TKO in the 4th round….

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PS: Sorry Android users, Google doesn’t provide me promo codes to give out but you can still check out my app

iPhone Baybayin translator app now available

baybayin iphone application

At last, the Baybayin Translator iPhone App is now available in the Apple Appstore WORLDWIDE.

Check it out (Appstore link)

Want a chance to get it for FREE? I suggest you like the Baybayin Facebook page now because I’ll be announcing a contest there soon.

Have a Filipino technology/cultural blog with a big audience? Contact me christian{at} on how you can get it for FREE for you and your audience.

Android mobile translator application now available.

My Baybayin mobile application is now available in the Android Marketplace


This is a limited time sale

“Nothing beats personal interaction with an actual practitioner, but this app is the best digital primer to learn Baybayin.” – Ray Haguisan, Founder – Malaya Designs

———– ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ———–
✔ Baybayin characters display automatically when you start typing
✔ Quickly switch from Traditional and Modern methods.
✔ Turn on a guide to display Roman characters
✔ Instant error messaging if you type an unsupported character
✔ Learn the basics of the script with the usage guide and chart
✔ Comes with a list of common male and female names in Baybayin
———– ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ———–
Planned in future releases
✔ Post to Facebook & Twitter
✔ A list of common Filipino last names in Baybayin
✔ Video tutorials
✔ Incorporation of
✔ Much more!

*Please note that this is not a language translator.
**Please send all support and feature requests to or visit the forum at

More info at

Baybayin Translator mobile Android application video demo

I’m about to release my Baybayin Translator app for Android mobile phones and tablets. In this demo, I show how the translator works. The app supports traditional and modified Baybayin and has a guide you can shut on/off. What’s cool is that when switching from traditional to modified, you don’t have to retype your word. I was going to figure out how to do this in a future release but decided to push it back until I figured it out.

Want to be notified when it comes out? Head over to and get on the notification list. Not only will you be notified 1st (even before Facebook and Twitter), there will be a surprise.

Have an idea or feature request? Log it here

For iPhone users, I’m waiting for iOS 5 to come out. ETA is September/October.

Baybayin mobile translation app coming soon

I’m almost done with v1.0 of my Baybayin mobile translation app. It will 1st be release for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and Android following shortly. The initial version will be similar to my v2.0 Baybayin web translator. Got any suggested features? Tell me your ideas!

Sign up for the announcement list on to get notified once available

Baybayin Buhayin iPhone app now available in iTunes Philippines

The Baybayin Buhayin app has just been released on the Philippine Apple app store. It’s FREE for a limited time. If your outside the Philippines, you can get it by creating another Apple account and choosing the Philippines as your home country. Once all setup, search for Baybayin. For Philippine accounts, here’s the direct link. This is only V1. Look out for more features soon.

Some basic info about the script

The most interesting part is the tutorial where you can trace the strokes. There’s even audio of the pronunciation.