EVENT: Workshop 3/26 @ Oakland


This is for a pilot monthly Baybayin workshops. This initial session will be two parts: 1) “An Introduction to Baybayin” covering an overview of the script history to the modern context and 2) A hands-on activity with an in-depth overview of characters and techniques.

While the topic will be geared towards beginners, those who already know how to write the basics will learn my systematic techniques on strokes, teaching and transliterating.

At the end of the session, you’ll learn about:

  • The basic history of the script
  • How the script is being used today
  • How to write the basic characters
  • A technique that allows you to quickly translate words

You’ll get

  • A workbook
  • Paper
  • Calligraphy pen
  • Pencil

More details and register at my preFilipino.com online store

Teaching kids Baybayin

kids baybayin

This past 6/30, I was invited to teach Baybayin to kids at the Sama Sama Daycamp. Working with kids is cool as they picked it up pretty fast since it’s syllabic. Adding an art aspect also makes it more interesting. I teach them to use different colors for the kudlits. For advanced studies, I would use different colors for each stroke, vowels, and etc. Interested in a workshop or lecture? Email me info@baybayin.com

Campers will have a unique experience in Tagalog immersion along with an integrated arts and ecology curriculum. The theme this summer is water, tubig! We will explore Philippine myths and lore of water and move our bodies to indigenous dances and music inspired by water. Through hands-on activities and field trips, campers will learn about current water issues both here and in the Philippines


Baybayin Live

Baybayin Live
In 2013, I’ll be focusing more on speaking and live demonstrations rather than vending opportunities. To promote the advancement of Baybayin, I setup a page called Baybayin Live that outlines some of the activities I can do for potential organizations.

Here’s some info:

I’ve spoken at universities and organizations including Stanford, Berkeley, SF State, Davis, Asian Art Museum, University of the Philippines and the San Francisco Philippine Consulate. Available world wide. Below are some of the activities I do.

An Introduction to Baybayin is a flagship 60-90 minute presentation covers is targeted towards those unfamiliar with Philippine writing systems.

– What’s the history of the script?
– What is the connection with India?
– What are the of the reasons it became nearly extinct?
– Who still writes it?
– What is the current state of Baybayin?
– What are the benefits of using Baybayin?
– What are some of the revival issues?

Check it out

EVENT: San Francisco State University lecture 10/25

If you go to San Francisco State University, I’ll conduct a lecture/workshop coordinated by PACE. I’ll be trying something different than what I’ve been doing the past 2 years lecturing. This new format is based on my experience and self realization at the Asian Art Museum event this past weekend.

Contact PACE for more info

EVENT: New Traditions – Asian Art Museum 10/19-21

I’m proud to announce my Filipino Calligraphy event at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum on October 19 to 21, 12-4pm. Joining me with be Japanese calligraphic performer, Aoi Yamaguchi. In the 4 hours, Aoi and I will collaborate on a large piece writing a poem and saying in our own languages, conduct a lecture about our work and a workshop.

The collaboration between Baybayin (pre-Spanish Filipino script) artist Christian Cabuay and calligraphic performer Aoi Yamaguchi demonstrates the history and culture of Japan and the Philippines. Cabuay and Yamaguchi explore the differences and similarities of their art and struggle. By embracing traditions, rituals, and roots, they are pushing the boundaries and creating something anew, integrating international cultural ideas, styles, and forms. Meaning “beginning/origin” in Tagalog and Japanese, Simula and Gen symbolize the artists asserting identity through their calligraphy traditions.

Asian Art Museum
Chong-Moon Lee Center
for Asian Art & Culture

200 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
T 415.581.3500
F 415.581.4700

An Introduction to Baybayin Lecture & Workshop video download

Filmed on 7/28/12 at Capital G, Philippines. This was during my art show and Ka2 hat launch.

Talking points:
– What the Ka logo means
– Why Alibata?
– History
– Filam experience
– Benefits of Baybayin
– Baybayin today
– Issues
– Strokes
– Translation technique
Duration: Approximately 105 mins
File type: MP4
File size: 627mb zipped

Price: Free/Donation
I’ll leave it up to you on how much you want to pay. Even if you make the price $0.00, you will be emailed a link to you to download.

If you do wish to donate (thank you), just enter the amount and click Update Cart. You can then select Paypal or Google Checkout (you don’t need an account to buy).

Why am I doing this? I want to experiment to see if the Filipino community reacts to donation products. I think that people in general are generous enough and will donate a fair price to cover for those who cannot afford to give. Salamat

If your interested in having a lecture & workshop at your school or organization, contact me at christian@baybayin.com

Download now

EVENT: University of California Berkeley talk – 10/13

My Baybayin School tour continues this Thursday 10/13 at the University of California Berkeley.

People have been asking me when I’m launching the school. I planned to release it in September of this year but I felt that I needed to do more testing/validation of my process.

October 13, 2011
Room 109 Dwinnelle Plaza (UC Berkeley campus)
FREE admission

Can’t make it? I have 2 more talks/workshops lined up in the next month in Daly City and UCSF. Stay tuned….

EVENT: Stanford University 5/14

Next Saturday 5/14/11 I’ll be at Stanford University giving a talk on Baybayin with a workshop. This will be the 1st showing of my Baybayin School program and never before seen documentary clips. It’s FREE and open to the public but you must register here: baybayinschool.com/register by May 10. Please add Baybayin.com as your Affiliation. Let me know if you have any questions.

baybayin workshop stanford university