Book: An Introduction to Kulitan

Mike Pangilinan just posted the artwork for his upcoming book, “An Introduction to Kulitan”. No details yet about the release date or cost but I believe it will be great because of his passion. Can’t wait to check it out in July (more on that later).

I hope this is  serves as inspiration to those who want to bring legitimacy to their Baybayin causes. To give you context, there are certain groups and individuals in the Baybayin community that are pushing their own ideas on modernization and standardization. There are also thoughts that their own language is being destroyed and/or being phased out by the dominant Tagalog based educational/entertainment system. What I’ve stressed to these individuals is that you need to take things in your own hands. It’s easy to blame the “system” and those who hold you down. There will always be roadblocks and it’s up to you to figure out how to work around them. Mike is a perfect example on how one gets things done.


Republika Comics

Komikon was this past weekend in the Philippines. Baybayin was spotted at one of the tables

Photo by Flip-1

Kali – An Ex-Marine Special forces. KALI keeps a secret amulet, believed to be very powerful and can deflect blades and bullets, He is a born leader and always soft spoken. KALI has been injured and shot several times in battle, but his wounds almost always heal faster than the others. He is extremely strong and agile. Kali is being sent to head a special mission to the Spratlys.

EVENTS: Vallejo (6/2) & Sacramento (6/3)

This Saturday (6/2), I’ll be in Vallejo for their annual Pista Sa Ngyon. Look for me at the cultural pavilion.

Vallejo Waterfront
Mare Island Way
Vallejo, California


Then on Sunday (6/3), I’ll be in Sacramento for their annual Filipino Fiesta for the very 1st time. Look for me at the Rizal center.

Jose Rizal Community Center, 7320 Florin Mall Drive, Sacramento, CA. 95823

Lecture: An Introduction to Baybayin

As part of the Kalayaan 2012 celebration week, I’ll be at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco giving a lecture on Baybayin.

Lecture topics:
– Script basics
– Theories
– Fil-Am movement
– Philippine movement
– Baybayin for Cultural Identity, Preservation and Promotion for Economic Gain

Philippine Consulate Social Hall
447 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94108

Friday, June 15, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

FREE admission

Please RSVP here

EVENT: Asian Heritage Street Celebration May 19

I’ll be at the Asian Heritage Street Celebration this Saturday. Look for my booth on Larkin street.

This Saturday, May 19th for the 8th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco.

This amazing event takes place on Larkin Street, from Grove to Ellis and will feature Culinary Celebrity Chefs, including our very own Martin Yan.

Chef Martin Yan will be performing a live cooking demo at the Civic Center at 2:30pm with a noodle puller sure to entertain!

Admission is free and all are welcome to join in this fantastic event, celebrating the wonderful Asian heritage & traditions here in San Francisco.

Visit the Asian Heritage Street Celebration website for additional details:

Alibata scripture shirt?

Was tipped by Khalil at the Baybayin FB Group that Kultura Filipino at SM Malls in the Philippines might be selling a shirts with using my font incorrectly. Above is a photo of the shirt in question. It indeed is my Baybayin font.

Couple issues with this:

1) I clearly state in the downloads section of this site “All downloads are for personal use only. Please contact me at christian(at) for any commercial inquiries.” I did not receive any email from Kultura Filipino asking permission.  Sure, my font could’ve been downloaded form another site that stole it.

2) The use of the incorrect term Alibata.

3) The incorrect spelling. Alibata is written  A-Li-Ba-A-Ta-A along with the other text below.

4) The incorrect use of “Scripture”. It’s common to hear people mention scripture when talking about Baybayin/Alibata. Scripture is defined as sacred religious writings. Baybayin alone isn’t a scripture. If you write a verse from the Koran in Baybayin, the verse is scripture not Baybayin. I see most of the people using this incorrect description are from the Philippines who mix up (or don’t know the difference) Script vs Scripture. They are different

Kultura is a great store in general but for something as visible as a writing system, it’s IRRESPONSIBLE for them to put out missinformation for profit.

Any businesses or government institutions out there looking to use Baybayin correctly, contact me for a FREE consultation. christian(at)

PS: Let’s see if there are comments saying it’s “Nice” without reading the article. Don’t be lazy

EVENT: SF Zoo – Baybayin at mga hayop

Never would’ve thought I’d ever do Baybayin at a zoo. This Saturday, May 12, I’ll be taking part of the very 1st Pacific Islander Heritage Day celebration at the zoo. Should be interesting because I’ll be doing something a bit different….think animals and Baybayin.

Bring your family to experience the incredible sights, sounds and flavors of the Pacific during Pacific Islander Heritage Day at the Zoo! From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., come see amazing, cultural dance performances by Spark of Creation, hear traditional Hawaiian slack key guitar by award-winning Patrick Landeza, watch performances by the Filipino Cultural Center (FCC) Kulintang Group as well as the Galing Bata/Quality Children After-School program. Plus, enjoy tasty treats specially made for this exciting event. All activities are free with paid Zoo admission. So, spend a day at the Zoo and immerse yourself into the Pacific Islander culture.

Check out the SF Zoo website for more info or my events page for my schedule.

So do you think that Filipinos are Pacific Islanders?

Bahala Na longboard – Coming soon

Coming soon, a fresh longboard from a Filipino American skateboard company Kuya Longboards. The Baybayin reads “Bahala Na” wich is perfect for skateboarders. I grew up skating and had a few injuries with the Bahala Na attitude. While my Bahala Na attitude towards skateboarding has changed with age, I still do some cruising around with longboard. Maybe when I get my Kuya Longboard, I’ll try this….