Baybayin would change if I won the Mega Lotto jackpot of $600+ million

1) Start an Academy in the Philippines dedicated to Baybayin

2) Create a foundation that teaches OSY (Out of School Youth) Baybayin so that they can create items with names for tourists

3) Expand the Mangyan Heritage Foundation expand to the Buhid script

4) Create a foundation for the Tagbanwas

5) Fund the efforts of Mike Pangalingan and Kulitan

6) Open a chain of Baybayin stores

7) Buy billboards on Edsa Guadalupe and put Baybayin

8) Produce a TV show on the topic of Baybayin

9) Sponsor UFC fighters with Baybayin on their clothing

10) 1 weekend of FREE Baybayin tattoos @ PnP Tattoo locations

11) Produce 100 different Baybayin hats with WIP

12) Buy back the Golden Tara from the Chicago Field Museum

13) Buy back the Doctrina Christiana

14) Fund a trip to India composed of Baybayin writers and linguists to study the connection between our cultures

15) Hire a film crew to finish my documentary

16) The biggest Baybayin blink you have ever or will see

17) Take Ray to the Philippines (hasn’t been there in a long time)

What would you do for Baybayin if you won the lottery?

PS: I didn’t buy a ticket so I’ll need your help in doing these things


Interview with Victor Quimson from Eagles Corner

Here’s a short interview I did with Victor Quimson from Eagles Corner. He’s the man that created one of the 1st online Baybayin translators.

Christian – What is your Baybayin story? How did you 1st come across it?

Victor – I first learned about Baybayin from history class back in high school. The late Teodoro Agoncillo wrote about it in his book “History of the Filipino People” and included pictures of the symbols. I was quite amazed to learn that the early Filipinos had their own system of writing.

Christian – Your Baybayin translator has helped so many learn the script quickly and fairly accurately. What inspired you to create the tool and what were some of the challenges?

Victor – I had just taken a Perl programming class and was looking for an interesting project to work on so I can practice web programming. At around the same time, my interest in Baybayin was reborn after seeing the Baybayin pendants being created by Ray Haguisan of Malaya Designs ( It was a natural fit. Thanks to Hector Santos’ website, I decided to read more on how Baybayin is properly written. From there the Baybayin translator was born. I’m still amazed at how often it’s used.

It turns out that it wasn’t too difficult to do. There really weren’t any challenges. Baybayin isn’t difficult to learn, so writing the code for it was fairly easy.

Christian – Do you plan to release an updated version?

Victor – It’s been almost 10 years since I created the site, and I’ve barely touched it since. I had been toying with the idea of writing either a Facebook or iPhone app, but my time is limited nowadays.

Christian – Regarding your disclaimer, has anyone comeback advising of a messed up tattoo based on the output of your translator? I’ve come across people who9 think they could enter “Sister” and receive a translation.

Victor – I haven’t heard from anyone who had a messed up tattoo. Every now and then I come across people with tattoos with symbols that seem to have been copied from my site, and once in a while I’d find tattoos with really bad translations.

I added that disclaimer after I realized that people have been using them for tatoos. Except for a few special cases, I’m pretty confident in my translator’s accuracy in translating original Tagalog words (not words borrowed from Spanish or English), however; I can’t control what the user types in.

I still get a few requests for translations for tatoos every week, but I rarely answer them. Most of the questions I get could be easily answered by going to the “tips” page or through any other Baybayin website. My belief is that if you really want a tatoo that represents your culture, then you should take the time to learn more about it. Baybayin is so simple that one can learn it in a few hours. I’ve heard from some people that other sites charge up to $25 for translations. I’m thinking of doing the same, but I’ll send the money to one of the charities I support back home.

Christian – Does your program log any statistics? It would be interesting to see what the % breakdown would be for Original vs Spanish modified. What do you think people are using?

Victor – I don’t keep any statistics other than the number of words that have been translated. I would prefer that people would use the original version more than the modified one, of course that’s not entirely realistic.

EVENT: SF State 3-/28 – The Purpose of Baybayin

3/28/12, I’ll be back at San Francisco State giving a lecture on Baybayin. Last year, I ran through my Baybayin School course but this year, I’ll try something different.

One of the biggest questions we need to answer as practitioners is – What is the benefit and purpose? The focus of this talk will be the benefits of Baybayin for: Self Identity, Cultural Preservation, and Promotion for Economic gain.

For all you SF State students, it all happens at 5:30PM 3/28 @ Pace office @ the Cesar Chavez center. Contact Pace for more info

Baybayin Capital of America

There’s an ongoing effort to make the the province of Rizal the Baybayin capital of the Philippines based on a few items namely: Jose Rizal’s flirtation with the script, the theory that the Angono Petroglyphs are Baybayin and being the site of the 1st Philippine Baybayin Conference.

What do you think? Is that valid? Is that enough?

That made me think of what a “Capital of _________” really is. After 5 seconds of thinking about it…..

I officially declare CALIFORNIA as the Baybayin Capital of America!

Why? We have a nearly 20 year track record of Baybayin artistry, education and promotion since the early 1990’s via colleges, magazines, festivals, museums, clothing, tattoos, etc.

Here’s a short list off the top of my head of Californians involved in Baybayin publicly (not just behind some computer)…..

I’m sure I missed a few people…..


  • Maganda Magazine in the early 90’s
  • The infamous Alibata Yahoo group has it’s roots in Cali
  • San Francisco Asian Art Museum has had Baybayin demos the past 3 years
  • Various Filipino Festivals for the last 15+ years that have the above people promote Baybayin

Long live the Baybayin capital of America