Stay away from this app! It’s wrong and steals work

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A new Baybayin app was released recently but stay away! #1) It’s inaccurate and #2) The developers used fonts by Norman de los Santos (Baybayin Modern Mono and Baybayin Modern Unicode). On his website and Deviant art it states:

© All of Nordenx Baybayin Modern Fonts are for personal and non-commercial use only. Please contact me at for any inquiries about commercial use and licensing for branding, printing, publications, and/or other electronic applications.

I don’t mind the programming errors. It’s difficult to make an online translator. My went through many iterations so I understand but the theft part is the bigger issue. The developers are making money or released the app with the intent to make money via serving advertisements. This is the same issue as Walker Underwear Philippines ripping me off.

The developers are Vain Solutions

Here are some screenshots of the incorrect “translations”. Check it out here and feel free to leave reviews letting them know of the theft issue.

Photo Jul 23, 12 40 44 PM

Photo Jul 23, 12 35 48 PM

Photo Jul 23, 12 35 22 PM

Metropolitan Museum of Manila: Baybayin workshop

One way to appreciate ones ancestry and culture is learning its past customs and practices. Discover more about our ancestors through our ancient alphabet. Register at and join our Baybayin workshop on July 26 or on August 9! Early bird rates for early registrations!



Teaching kids Baybayin

kids baybayin

This past 6/30, I was invited to teach Baybayin to kids at the Sama Sama Daycamp. Working with kids is cool as they picked it up pretty fast since it’s syllabic. Adding an art aspect also makes it more interesting. I teach them to use different colors for the kudlits. For advanced studies, I would use different colors for each stroke, vowels, and etc. Interested in a workshop or lecture? Email me

Campers will have a unique experience in Tagalog immersion along with an integrated arts and ecology curriculum. The theme this summer is water, tubig! We will explore Philippine myths and lore of water and move our bodies to indigenous dances and music inspired by water. Through hands-on activities and field trips, campers will learn about current water issues both here and in the Philippines