Translator guide

Mabuhay! This is a traditional Baybayin translator and is optimized for the Filipino language. The outputted images are my original Baybayin brush script designs.

To use the translator, enter your words and hit the TRANSLATE button. For best results, use the Firefox (free) browser.

What it does:

  • Takes the characters you enter and outputs the Baybayin equivalent.
  • For unsupported characters and consonant combinations such as TR, nothing will be displayed. For example, typing 5 or CR will output nothing.
  • Automatically converts characters like C, Q, F, and etc.

What it doesn’t do:

  • It does not translate English to a Filipino language. If you enter Sister, it will output Si-Ti.
  • It does not support the cancellation kudlit aka Spanish kudlit. This is planned for version2.

Remember, that  this program is only as accurate as what you put in it. Garbage in, garbage out.

Known limitations
The program isn’t perfect. It doesn’t know the difference between a name, word, foreign language or a Filipino one. For example typing in Delacruz would ouput DE-LA-DU when it can actually be translated to DE-LA-KU-DU.

Bea would output BE-A when it should be BE-YA.
Celeste would come out as KE-LE-TE when it should be SE-LE-TE or SE-LE-SE-TE.
Jose would come out as DI-YO-SE when it should be HO-SE.

To work around this, always input the way it sounds and you should get better results. See Writing your name in Baybayin for more info about the exceptions.

Known bugs – V.1.1

  • J defaults to Di/e-Yo/u. When the program is able to handle modified (cancellation kudlits), it will be changed to D-Yo/u. It’s debatable what to use Di/e-Yo/u or even Do/u-Yo/u. I’ll just meet in the middle and just make it D-Yo/u.

Change log

1.1 – 1/21/10
Fixed Ce & Ci defaulting to Ke/i opposed to Se/i.

Future enhancements

  • Better error messaging
  • Translation result overview
  • Support the cancellation kudlit
  • Much more….

Warning! Don’t use this as a tool for Baybayin tattoos as it’s only a program and has limitations. Get a custom Baybayin tattoo design instead.

Contact me with any feedback or questions about this program. Salamat!

Based on open source software by Victor Ganata

10 thoughts on “Translator guide

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  2. Hi, I was wondering how you would translate the j sound. Like for Geraldine or genna. Is that with a g or a diye?

  3. i have been wanting to get my sons name in baybayin for awhile now but cant seem to find a pinoy artist in vegas could u please translate my sons name for me is name is Bryan and will you also please let me know if its preferred to do it in modern script or traditional script thank you

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