Starting a business in a recession

What a hot mess! In 2009 there was a recession in the US and I lost my day job. I cut expenses and reinvested back into my young venture. I tried a bunch of shit to see what resonated with myself and people. Trial and many errors during this time. I also took side contract gigs managing customer service for a startup and process consulting for a finance company. It was tough starting something new in the middle of all the challenges. 10 years later, we’re faced with something worst. Through this, I’m seeing folks innovate and move forward accepting the reality that will create a better tomorrow for themselves and community. Keep pushing forward

EVENT: Learn the business framework behind

I’ve given many talks about Baybayin but I’ve never specifically talked about the business framework behind it. Come learn about it on:

Monday, December 5, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Milipitas Library Auditorium
160 North Main Street
Milpitas, CA 95035

$7 for professionals and FREE for students

More info on Eventbrite

Power ng Pinoy in Partnership with the Filipino Entrepreneurs Network (FEN) presents a Networking Mixer and Start-Up Business Seminar

Businesses: Get Baybayin for FREE ( will be launching in about 30 days and to celebrate this launch, I’m offering FREE translation, consultancy, and design services if there’s a good fit. If you run a business and are interested, please visit and fill out the form. I’ll get back to you if there’s a perfect fit. Deadline is midnight 5/6/11 US time.

About Baybayin Agency
Baybayin | Agency is a San Francisco based, Philippine minded Boutique Agency with one passion: To give brands and individuals the Filipino experience using the ancient writing system, Baybayin.

Introducing Baybayin Agency

Baybayin translation

It’s a boutique agency specializing in providing professional transliteration of the Filipino script (Baybayin) to businesses worldwide. Now you know why I’ve been bombarding the Baybayin Facebook page with all these questions. I’m hoping to get the site up in the next couple of months to start the official launch.

Unlike my Baybayin “translation” services on where I focus on custom artwork for tattoos, Baybayin Agency will focus on business needs such as transliteration, translation and graphic design.

Visit and sign up for a notification of the launch.

P.S. I’m looking for Tagalog speakers who know Baybayin. Interested in taking on some future jobs? Email