"Subtle Energies" of Baybayin?

Bonifacio Comandante, the man who brought us the Baybayin dance, recently presented at the 1st MLE Conference, “Reclaiming the Right to Learn in One’s Own Language,” Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City, Feb 18-20, 2010. His presentation was titled “ANCIENT BAYBAYIN:EARLY MOTHER TONGUE-BASED EDUCATION MODEL”.

I found the “Subtle Energies” of Baybayin and bean seeds interesting as well as Baybayin on the Manunnggul Jar. What do you think? Download the paper.
baybayin clams

Manunggul jar baybayin

One thought on “"Subtle Energies" of Baybayin?

  1. this is interesting. thanks for sharing. Masaru Emoto does a similar experiment with written words next to water that is then frozen and the crystals photographed.

    look for his books online. “The Hidden Messages in Water” and “The True Power of Water.”

    Emoto’s work was featured in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”

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