EVENT: Markado Lifestyle Convention – May 7 – Philippines

I’ll be doing my 1st international event in the Philippines on May 7, 2010 at the Markado Lifestyle Convention. It’s being held at the Mall of Asia SMX Convention Center. Tattoos, art, music, workshops and girls.

In a society that is undoubtedly full of despair, hate and loss, others chose to create vivid works to inspire, to give hope and to mark their existence. People who chose to live a life over the edge and boundary of what should be accepted, of what should be the ordinary. A lifestyle dedicated to those who chose to exist and mark their existence, a lifestyle dedicated to those who create works of art that is either unconventional or new or just simply overlooked.

This year, 2010, a great number of these people will gather and create their marks in this society, marked as the most exciting convergence of artists showcasing the country;s finest tattoo artists and collectors…unconventional crafts of graffiti artists…finest artworks by visual artists… and the mastery of multimedia practitioners.

This is the “MARKADO, A LIFESTYLE CONVENTION.” On the 7th of May, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center , Mall of Asia Complex, Manila, Philippines., in a whole-day affair marked by competitions in tattoo, graffiti, painting and multimedia arts. Throughout the day, top-notch entertainment will be provided by named bands and making the event more exciting is the holding of a mud wrestling gig. For enthusiasts, booths are open all-day for workshops and merchandising activities.

Visit the official website for more info


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