Giants Filipino Heritage Jeepney with incorrect Baybayin

1st of all, this is a cool looking jeep. Unfortunately, the Baybayin on it is incorrect. I really hope they didn’t make these yet. While it does translate “Filipino Heritage” from a character to character perspective, it’s not the same if you were to say it. Here’s a rundown of some of the issues….

1) It would be better to translate it to Tagalog or any other Filipino language. In my opinion, the best would be Pamana ng Pilipino or Pamanang. That would translate in Baybayin as:


2) If transliteration was the aim, the pronunciation is also incorrect. What’s on the jeep is He-Ri(Di)-Ta-Ge for Heritage. The “Ta” sound is Tao, not Te like in Tejano. The “Ge” used is not a J sound like in Jerry. It’s “Ga” as in Gago.

The “translation” on the is what one would get by using an online translator without context or understanding of the language.

The lesson is, ask 1st. There are numerous people out there that are willing to help out for FREE.

Looks cool though 🙂

4 thoughts on “Giants Filipino Heritage Jeepney with incorrect Baybayin

  1. I was confused at first because I was looking for the word “pamana.” Then I got it – they’re celebrating Pilipino “Haritagi”

    Once again, my font is wielded as weapon in the relentless reign of error. 😦

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