EVENT: Asian Art Museum 10/3

200 Larkin Street (between Fulton and McAllister Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94102
In the Civic Center district, across from City Hall.

This is a FREE event

I return to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco on 10/3 to teach the Baybayin, talk and show some of my work. Also, I’ll be creating FREE custom Baybayin pins! Show up and there might be additional surprise freebies.

I’ll only be there for 2 hours at the North Court 12PM–2pm

2 thoughts on “EVENT: Asian Art Museum 10/3

  1. Hi,

    I am an executive member of Depauw University’s ASIA club and we are very interested in spreading Asian Culture (not only Asian food) to our primarily white campus. I started learning about baybayin when I was a senior in high school, and actually started learning baybayin this past summer. I’m Filipino and I feel a strong connection with my Filipino roots through baybayin. I thought that it would be great to expose my colleagues about baybayin and traditional Filipino culture. I’m very interested in having your art displayed here, along with a short lecture/workshop about baybayin sometime in late Winter. My university is located in Greencastle, Indiana. If we paid for your travel expenses, is there anything else we could provide you?

    Please feel free to ask me more questions! I am also trying to figure out how we can make something work, or even what we intend to do for a program.


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