Baybayin keyboard stickers

Met with Jay of Taklobo Inc yesterday and he gave me these keyboard stickers to test out. Him and his team are doing BIG things. Look out for a joint project between us.

8 thoughts on “Baybayin keyboard stickers

  1. It’s a nice idea, but it would be a real pity if this leads people to think that these “number signs” are real Baybayin. Apparently Mr. Comandante had some professional mathematicians (and possibly others) questioning his methodology at his UP talk (i.e. implying that what he says is not based on sound research). As a professional linguist who understands how writing relates to language and how it evolves over time, I can say with no hesitation that the Baybayin part is completely unsound. Nobody who understands how writing systems originate and evolve over time can accept this theory it originated thousands of years ago in imitation of clamshells. It is not plausible and shows no understanding of how writing systems work.

    If the Taklobo people make accurate materials about Baybayin available to the public, that is a good thing. But if they spread misinformation based on bad research, that is not going to help Filipinos understand their real past at all. It would be just more Paterno and Kalantiaw all over again. I hope they keep to the real stuff.

  2. The burden of proof should not be on us. It’s hard enough to piece together our past.

    If he wants to put forward his evidence, then bring it out. His argument seems like one from the middle ages. He knows that his Berleley paper is on the rocks!

    This is for Filipinos, why should we care!

    Bonifacio Comandante <

  3. …that would indeed be quite a discovery.” – i In the context of distorted history of the Philippines, hunger for curiosity and new discoveries from and done by locals are more desirable.

    i believe we live in a time were hidden truths/facts/evidences are becoming more accessible and many “known” facts will be challenged.

  4. WOah, now we’re one step closer to getting our very own Baybayin Keyboard design (literal keyboard). Baybayin Keyboard Layout + Stickers, we’re getting there!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if next year or two stores in the Philippines will start selling an actual Filipino Keyboard.


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  6. Ang paggamit ng Baybayin ay kakabit ng pagsasalita at pagsusulat sa ating sariling wika.  Sana mas madalas tayong magsulat gamit ang ating Inang wika.

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