Baybayin standards defined by practitioners –


My domain currently points to the Baybayin Facebook page, the biggest Baybayin online community with over 4,000 members. I want to develop is a place to discuss script standards as defined by actual writers. In order for this to succeed, we will need a mixture of enthusiasts, artists, scholars, etc. Coming up with these standars would include case presentation, justification and defense. I assume this will need to be a democratic system.

The goal would be to brainstorm, discuss, document and define standards for all things Baybayin. Some deliverable examples could be a base character set, character order, kudlits, modern characters, etc. I do not think we should set goals on script names at this time. The focus should be on items that solve the problems that deliver actual value now.

I’m also looking for the community to share documents and other resources in order to provide historical context.

Please provide me with your feedback and if your interested in helping out

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