Baybayin and Hebrew

In 2010, I was invited to the Contemporary Jewish Museum to have a conversation with their resident scribe (Julie Selter) who was working on a project to hand writing the Torah. In our 1+ hour conversation, we talked about our common struggles in trying to revive our writing systems. Here’s a portion of our discussion.

Christian Cabuay, Artist & Author of “An Introduction to Baybayin” and Julie Seltzer, Artist & Torah Scribe-in-Residence, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, share their perspectives on the commonalities between Hebrew and Baybayin (a pre-Spanish Phillipine writing system). What do you think?

A multimedia collaboration between the Contemporary Jewish Museum and the Asian Art Museum.

2 thoughts on “Baybayin and Hebrew

  1. babayin as i understand it was not only used by the people in luzon but also in the bisayas and mindanao. do you have any examples of babayin literature in bisayan or maranao or any tribe in mindanao?

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