The new Jose Rizal bill?

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jose rizal 150

An interesting article came out 1/20/11 on the Malaya Business Insight website about a proposed P150 Jose Rizal bill to celebrate his 150th birthday.

There is a proposal submitted to the Governor of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas for a 150-peso bill carrying the portrait of Jose Rizal as the central feature in the front portion. The intent is to promote the 150th birth anniversary of the Philippine national hero.

The photo above has some interesting elements like the Angono Petroglyphs featuring the theory of Baybayin numerals. Also featured is the Taklobo and “Republika ng Pilipinas” in modified/modern Baybayin. What do you think?

21 thoughts on “The new Jose Rizal bill?

  1. “Republika ng Pilipinas” in modified/modern Baybayin?

    The Baybayin script are actually Dr. Jose Rizal’s own rendition found in his notes “Catapusan” after a direct translation of Wilhelm Tell from German to Tagalog in 1884 (Ramon Guilermo 2005).


  2. “National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 . . . cultural preservation as a strategy for maintaining Filipino identity”–that’s a strong case for keeping Baybayin alive.

    I couldn’t find the photo at the Malaya Business Insight article, but I guess it’s from the Buhayin Baybayin/Taklobo Team (–from the distinctive ‘Ba’ and taklobo)?

    [could be off-topic:] the Angono-Binangonan petroglyphs could be an example of the “Squatter” or “Stick Man” configuration–a recurring motif of ancient rock art around the world. A Los Alamos scientist, Anthony Peratt, thinks this is a portrait of a kind of “super aurora” seen in the ancient sky thousands of years ago–way way older than Baybayin–but part of humanity’s shared memory. [;; — starting at 6:09]


    ~Renante Tomas

  3. Using Paul Marrow’s fonts (or any font off the web) in the cause for
    Filipino identity is a lazy man’s version of 1) not doing their own, 2)
    not doing a better research job, 3) finding a Filipino’s hand- is the
    contemporary/modern or from yesteryear not good enough? No offense to
    this white man’s devotion and passion to our writing but the Philippines
    has produced many talented artists who write baybayin regularly. To
    think none of the old school writing wasn’t good enough is a joke again
    on us by us.

    Ok, PMs fonts look nice, I can love and appreciate that- but not 1)
    asking him, 2) paying him) 3) acknowledging him (or maybe they/he did)
    isn’t good enough for quotes like “cultural preservation as a strategy for maintaining Filipino identity” – my argument has always been- by whom? by white people?

    I’m sick of “official” designers, writers, historians, tattooed know-it-alls who botch projects up. Like no one is going to notice the details?

    Everyone can stop being so damn nice- it’s not helping the real truth any. I’m not even hating anything but pointing out the sheer fact that another Filipino missed the bus again.

  4. its cool but if its intended to commemorate Rizal’s birth day, then why is angono here???? simply because it is part of Rizal province??? i think it is irrelevant. they should’ve featured calamba city and laguna for the obvious reason that amongst all places it is not hard to surmice that your home is where your heart is. =) overall, i still commend the BSP for their effort.  

    • because Province is named to honor the National hero… and Angono and Binangonan is a part of that Province. no relevance yet?

      and Jose Rizal’s House in Calamba is in the Obverse side of the bill..

  5. This bill is obviously FAKE. Just take a closer look and the portrait of Rizal and the BSP logo, madumi ang pagkakagawa, so this is another almost too real Photoshop job.

  6. dami nyong negatives! Angono Rizal is the Art Capital… and Angono People know how to preserve things, and most of all Angono people are nice persons! 

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