Rizal Stone: What's next

Here’s another video about the Rizal stone. I was able to get a screenshot of the carbon tracing that has 1 cross kudlit. It’s either a cross or just natural indents in the stone.

While I believe that the Baybayin on the stone is modern, I do want to be wrong. It would be great to have an artifact like this. Modern, ancient, innocent carving or hoax…..the benefit this stone brought to the modern-day Baybayin movement is great.

Just in the past 30 days, we had a few Baybayin newsworthy events like the Baybayin Bill, taping of a feature for GMA USA’s upcoming show Power ng Pinoy and a soon to be release translation app. With the start of school in the Philippines, I hope it will spark and interest in learning the script. Because of the Rizal stone story, Google searches for Baybayin has gone up significantly with the media’s romanticizing of the stone.

I don’t get many visitors to this site but because of the media coverage, the traffic has nearly doubled.

So what’s next? Obviously, we need to prove the age of the stone if even possible.

1) It’s proven pre-colonial – We would need to then explain the callouts discussed in the 1st Rizal Stone post but who will do this? The most vocal advocates from the US and Canada will most certainly speak out but who will talk about it in the Philippines? We need that voice back home. This voice not only needs to do the usual traditional media run but also penetrate the internet. An article titled “Foreign scholars debunk stone tablet with old Philippine script as modern-day hoax” came out a few days ago and left a bad taste in my mouth because it strengthens an underlining issue of foreign vs local. However, why didn’t any scholars from the Philippines call out some of the obvious or cast any doubt?

2) It’s not pre-colonial – We would need to build on the momentum as a community by producing more relevant and compelling content. Sure, everyone talks that we need to bring back the script but what are YOU personally doing to push this forward.

7 thoughts on “Rizal Stone: What's next

  1. For your information:Press StatementJune 22, 2011“MODERN” CLAIMS VS. RIZAL STONE PREMATURE – UP PROFSUP professors studying the Rizal stone have responded to critics by asserting that long distance speculations will not help in determining the artifact’s authenticity or antiquity.Critics have claimed that the inscriptions on the Rizal stone are “modern” or that it could be a hoax, on the basis of the absence of kudlits and the alleged similarity of the inscriptions to the type fonts in the baybayin version of the Doctrina Christiana.  The Doctrina Christiana is the oldest book published in the Philippines.Dr. Francisco A. Datar of the UP Anthropology Department said that issues regarding the diacritical marks and the symbols can only be resolved by undertaking a definitive transcription of the inscriptions.  This still has to be carried out in a more rigorous and scientific way by actual examination of the specimen under the direction of the National Museum.“We cannot overemphasize the need for situating the find within its specific social and cultural context.  This means among others conducting more interviews among the residents and locating the stone’s origins. We urge all scholars and interested parties to refrain from passing judgment about its age or its other characteristics without concrete facts, “ Datar added.

  2. “refrain from passing judgment about its age or its other characteristics without concrete facts”–what does he think this is?–a court case that we should assume it’s innocent (i.e. “authentic”) in the absence of contrary evidence? The “evidence” speaks for itself–the way it’s written is a dead giveaway. It’s like finding stone tablets written in jejemon and telling us not to prematurely label it as not made by Moses. What else do they hope to prove anyway, that the rock is pre-colonial? Most rocks (unless they are made by a recently-erupted volcano) are pre-colonial, Mary. 

    There seems to be a serious lack of scholarship regarding Baybayin among Pilipinas-based Pinoys. The few I’ve seen on the web seem more concerned with the mystical–almost like they want a babaylan’s mantle–that could explain why no Pinoy professor is calling out the obvious.

    Publish high resolution photographs and rubbings–not tracings–you can just select what to trace, leaving out something. Do that and you can expect help from the experts (who happen to be based not in the Philippines–except maybe Antoon Postma). Being defensive while witholding crucial data isn’t exactly following the scientific method and definitely does not aid research.

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