iPhone Baybayin translator app now available

baybayin iphone application

At last, the Baybayin Translator iPhone App is now available in the Apple Appstore WORLDWIDE.

Check it out (Appstore link)

Want a chance to get it for FREE? I suggest you like the Baybayin Facebook page now because I’ll be announcing a contest there soon.

Have a Filipino technology/cultural blog with a big audience? Contact me christian{at}baybayin.com on how you can get it for FREE for you and your audience.

5 thoughts on “iPhone Baybayin translator app now available

  1. update pls…. make it available as a keyboard option on iphone settings, get approval from apple…. or atleast make the translations able to be copy-pasted to text as image file… do this and it will definitely be used and paid for…

  2. I purchased the baybayin app and I tried to email for help but received a mailer-daemon saying support@baybayinapp.com is an invalid address :/

    I tried to type the word “love” in the app but all the app translated was “lo” from the word “love” – And when I tried to see what the baybayin translation for “strength” was, all the app picked up and translated from that word was “re” –  Can I translate any english words at all into baybayin script using this app? Please help

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