It's more fun in the Philippines

Just came from the 2nd annual Kulinarya event put together by the Philippine Department of Tourism and Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco. To promote the Philippines, the new slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” was all over the place. It inspired me to quickly make a Baybayin version saying “Mas masaya sa Pilipinas”.

Feel free to pass it around. With this already so recognizable to Filipinos, this image will help people learn Baybayin. You can download a high-res version on my Baybayin Facebook page

Here’s the original

2 thoughts on “It's more fun in the Philippines

  1. ayos ang baybayin version. 🙂 pero sa tingin ko, ayos din sana kung hindi rin ‘wavy’ ang font ng baybayin dahil hindi naman wavy ang sa latin version.

  2. @Sir Floyd,
     Wavy is the nature of baybayin. it may be hard to be geometric in form like in Arabic’s calligraphy where they were successful in putting them into some linear patterns. 

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