Baybayin would change if I won the Mega Lotto jackpot of $600+ million

1) Start an Academy in the Philippines dedicated to Baybayin

2) Create a foundation that teaches OSY (Out of School Youth) Baybayin so that they can create items with names for tourists

3) Expand the Mangyan Heritage Foundation expand to the Buhid script

4) Create a foundation for the Tagbanwas

5) Fund the efforts of Mike Pangalingan and Kulitan

6) Open a chain of Baybayin stores

7) Buy billboards on Edsa Guadalupe and put Baybayin

8) Produce a TV show on the topic of Baybayin

9) Sponsor UFC fighters with Baybayin on their clothing

10) 1 weekend of FREE Baybayin tattoos @ PnP Tattoo locations

11) Produce 100 different Baybayin hats with WIP

12) Buy back the Golden Tara from the Chicago Field Museum

13) Buy back the Doctrina Christiana

14) Fund a trip to India composed of Baybayin writers and linguists to study the connection between our cultures

15) Hire a film crew to finish my documentary

16) The biggest Baybayin blink you have ever or will see

17) Take Ray to the Philippines (hasn’t been there in a long time)

What would you do for Baybayin if you won the lottery?

PS: I didn’t buy a ticket so I’ll need your help in doing these things


2 thoughts on “Baybayin would change if I won the Mega Lotto jackpot of $600+ million

  1. Got a ticket Christian. Thanks for taking my brother but I guess that I’ll be buying you guys first class seats then

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