Alibata scripture shirt?

Was tipped by Khalil at the Baybayin FB Group that Kultura Filipino at SM Malls in the Philippines might be selling a shirts with using my font incorrectly. Above is a photo of the shirt in question. It indeed is my Baybayin font.

Couple issues with this:

1) I clearly state in the downloads section of this site “All downloads are for personal use only. Please contact me at christian(at) for any commercial inquiries.” I did not receive any email from Kultura Filipino asking permission.  Sure, my font could’ve been downloaded form another site that stole it.

2) The use of the incorrect term Alibata.

3) The incorrect spelling. Alibata is written  A-Li-Ba-A-Ta-A along with the other text below.

4) The incorrect use of “Scripture”. It’s common to hear people mention scripture when talking about Baybayin/Alibata. Scripture is defined as sacred religious writings. Baybayin alone isn’t a scripture. If you write a verse from the Koran in Baybayin, the verse is scripture not Baybayin. I see most of the people using this incorrect description are from the Philippines who mix up (or don’t know the difference) Script vs Scripture. They are different

Kultura is a great store in general but for something as visible as a writing system, it’s IRRESPONSIBLE for them to put out missinformation for profit.

Any businesses or government institutions out there looking to use Baybayin correctly, contact me for a FREE consultation. christian(at)

PS: Let’s see if there are comments saying it’s “Nice” without reading the article. Don’t be lazy

8 thoughts on “Alibata scripture shirt?

  1. I have a shirt from Kultura…not this one. They always have it printed as “Alibata”. It’s nice!!! Well Kultura Shirts is the nearest to my grasp I could get my share of Baybayin from so we got it.

    “You have to pay for this”, yes I remember. 🙂

  2. Hi Chris! That’s theft of your intellectual property! 
    I suggest you take it up with Kultura management for corrective action. Kultura may not be even aware of the plagiarism if this was manufactured by a third party supplier.  You may also share this experience with Marketman of whose blog content and photos have been plagiarized too often and as a result, has taken a proactive stance against this deplorable practice. 

  3. When I first looked at the shirt, I was like, “is it me or is the spelling of the word ALIBATA incorrect?” and they didn’t even try to consult the expert.
     I learned a lot through this site. I can read and write in BAYBAYIN, a little slow but getting there. The shirt is a fraud. SUCH a SHAME.

  4. This shirt won’t fool me. People would actually buy this because they think it’s COOL, not knowing that the scripts are not making any sense at all. It’s misinformation. We Filipinos should know about BAYBAYIN. It’s ours.

  5. Why they are still,..used the term ALIBATA? which is wrong..,And they’re using the characters without knowing the rules of writing it..,

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