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For those that don’t follow me on Instagram, you can check out my photos under username BAYBAYIN of course!

Here’s an example of a series I’ve ben working on for about a year that incorporates my calligraphy brush style with familiar fonts.

This was posted yesterday by Don Toledano. Looks like it’s Baybayin projected on the side of the building. Anyone know about this?


2 thoughts on “Follow me on Instagram

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  2. Actually I already use the baybayin in my diary. I used minus sign on single letter rather than x or + sign. Also double dot on letters with u and i.  I put slash or  fence after word and double slash on period. I strongly disagree of using x or + on single letter. Let us use common sense. If the single letter was discovered probably they used minus sign, because it’s easy to carved  that on a bamboo. Minus sign means to remove or decrease. Correct?

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