Updates: Art! Events! New Book!

It’s been a while since I posted. I actually missed announcing an event I did at Treasure Island last weekend.

#1 I’ve started to create more pieces for events this spring/summer. You can see some at my Instagram account. You can search for Baybayin to find me.

#2 My Spring/Summer schedule is starting to take shape. Please note some dates may change. SFSU lecture 4/10, 111 Minna April Sketch Tuesdays (3rd week), Treasure Island 4/27-28, Vegas 5/11-15, SF Asian Street Fest 5/18, SF Philippine Independence Day @ Union Square 6/15, Europe 6/?????, Delano 7/??, SF Yerba Buena 8/11-12, LA 9/??

For Vegas, I’m doing an event at the “Pinoy Pride Celebration” 5/11-12. I’m looking to do something during the late afternoons/evenings. Anyone got a hookup with UNLV for a lecture/workshop?

#3 I’m announcing my 2nd book to be released later this year titled “Baybayin Stories”

It will be a collection of art and personal stories. Basically, you tell me your story and I’ll make art for you and publish them both in the book. More details at BaybayinStories.com. Here’s a sample of how a page would look like…

Page sample

7 thoughts on “Updates: Art! Events! New Book!

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but Baybayin is not the only Filipino script in the Philippines. I read about the Mangyans, Visayans, and the Kapampangans having their own script. I was wondering if they’ll be included in your upcoming book.

    • You are correct. My new version of An Introcution…..will cover them more but there really should be dedicated books for those scripts. There is An Introduction to Kulitan written by Mike Pangalingan. My new book will be about the people and their stories

      • Cool! Kulitan is the name for the Kapampangan script right? I happen to be half Kapampangan (on my dad’s side) and half Tagalog (on my mom’s side) but have always felt closer to my Kapampangan roots. I’ve been practicing Baybayin on and off for a year now. Ever since I heard that Kapampangans had their own script, I’ve been dying to learn all about it. Thanks for the info.

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