European tour 2013 – Paris recap

I meant to get this out a couple weeks ago but I just recovered from the trip! Rather than write one big article, I’ll break it down to Paris, Madrid, London and Brussels. If you can’t wait, check out some pix on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Here’s we go…..

1st stop was Paris. I’ve been there before in 2007 for vacation but wasn’t expecting the hot and humid weather. I only brought 1 pair of shorts due to my heavy luggage filled with artwork and other materials. When arrived at the airport, I was surprised by 2 things. 1) My Krink x Coach luggage tag was missing!


2) Someone was waiting for me with a sign with my name from the Philippine Embassy. They took real good care of me.
Paris airport
I arrived in Paris the day before my lecture was scheduled on Jose Rizal’s birthday, June 19th. The morning kicked off with speeches and birthday greetings by the Paris chapter of the Knights of Rizal and Las Damas de Rizal.

Philippine Embassy Paris

We then visited Jose Rizal Place, the park where he used to hang out in Paris.


After the morning festivities, I did my lecture for the Rizal organizations and the Philippine Embassy staff.

Baybayin Paris After my lecture, I had a few more days in Paris and caught the pre-colonial Philippine Exhibition at the  Musée du quai Branly. It was the best Philippine exhibit I’ve ever seen including those in the Philippines. What was interesting is that I got stopped on the way out of the museum by someone who worked there who wanted to ask my opinion of the exhibit. I guess she knew I was Filipino, I was the only one in the building! We talked about my tattoos, artwork and explained to her what Baybayin is. She didn’t have any idea why there wasn’t any on display.


While in France, I also got to create some artwork for my art show and lecture in London. I called it the “Rogue Sessions”.

baybayin art

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