EVENT: Preservation and Promotion of the Mangyan syllabic script

From the Facebook link:

The Mangyan Heritage Center, Inc. invites you to attend two lectures on Cultural Preservation sponsored by the US Embassy Manila. The first lecture is on the Preservation and Promotion of the Mangyan syllabic script and poetry (ambahan) while the second is about Cultural Preservation.

The lecture is free and open to the public but the complete name of all guests should be submitted earlier to the Embassy’s security group. In this regard, interested participants are requested to confirm as soon as possibleto any of the following: jimenezRL@state.gov, mhc@mangyan.org, mangyanheritage@gmail.com.

Entrance will be at the main gate and an identification card will be required. Parking within the compound is not allowed. Those with vehicles may park at the Museo Pambata or at the city parking spaces across the street for a minimal fee.

Kindly share this invitation with your friends who may be interested to attend the lectures.

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