Baybayin Documentary (Working Title)

Producer: Christian Cabuay
Language: English & Filipino
Location: US & Philippines
Targeted release date: 2012

My name is Christian Cabuay, a Baybayin artist currently based in the San Francisco, California area. I was born in the Philippines and previously lived here for 10 years.

The main purpose of my research is to show the different aspects of Baybayin. Everything from the spiritual, artistic, scientific and academic perspectives.

The goal of this documentary is to give light to the history of this script and how a small community from the US/Philippines is trying to revive it. The question is, Is it still practiced and relevant in the Philippines? The film will follow the lead as he tries to answer that question from artists, scientists, scholars, students and everyday people . The journey will consist of interviews with Baybayin aficionados from the US/Philippines. While the main focus will be Baybayin, explorations of Filipino pride, Fil-Am vs Pinoy, religion, colonialism, and modern day nuances of the Philippines will be an underlying theme.

Film distribution
Online streaming (Youtube/Facebook)


Christian Cabuay


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