Baybayin Capital of America

There’s an ongoing effort to make the the province of Rizal the Baybayin capital of the Philippines based on a few items namely: Jose Rizal’s flirtation with the script, the theory that the Angono Petroglyphs are Baybayin and being the site of the 1st Philippine Baybayin Conference.

What do you think? Is that valid? Is that enough?

That made me think of what a “Capital of _________” really is. After 5 seconds of thinking about it…..

I officially declare CALIFORNIA as the Baybayin Capital of America!

Why? We have a nearly 20 year track record of Baybayin artistry, education and promotion since the early 1990’s via colleges, magazines, festivals, museums, clothing, tattoos, etc.

Here’s a short list off the top of my head of Californians involved in Baybayin publicly (not just behind some computer)…..

I’m sure I missed a few people…..


  • Maganda Magazine in the early 90’s
  • The infamous Alibata Yahoo group has it’s roots in Cali
  • San Francisco Asian Art Museum has had Baybayin demos the past 3 years
  • Various Filipino Festivals for the last 15+ years that have the above people promote Baybayin

Long live the Baybayin capital of America