"Alibata" iPhone app

Gaston Santiago released the 1st Alibata (Baybayin) iPhone app now available on the app store (will launch iTunes) for $.99. Basically you click on the Baybayin glyph on the right and it shows you the Roman equivalent. Pretty simple and easy to use.


10 thoughts on “"Alibata" iPhone app

  1. Good for beginners. I wish you would rename it to Baybayin. I hate that everyone uses the wrong term! More power!

  2. Thanks for your support and feedback regarding my iPhone app. I have considered it and will look into either updating the existing app, or creating a new app (using the “Baybayin” nomenclature) with more features.

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  4. salamat binubuhay mo ang napakahalagang kayamanan nang ating LAHI. kung sinu kaman proud n proud ako sau, pag patuloy mo yan susunod ako. Godbless.

  5. Thanks for the good article. I also have a lot of interest in video apps, and found a new app which has great filter effects: you can download and check it out from the link. http://www.recood.com 

    I expect a post about this kind of non-popular apps as well. 

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