Pistahan recap – Live Art, Jose Rizal, Baybayin School and toys!

Once again, Malaya Designs and Baybayin.com promoted Baybayin for 2 days during the Pistahan festival in San Francisco.

Great weekend for us and the Filipino community. We held the 1st Filipino themed custom toy show in the US (I believe), did multimedia presentations on Jose Rizal’s Baybayin hardwriting, Baybayin School module presentation, Ray was burning bamboo live, painting, scribbling and good ‘ole conversations.

Also as usual, FREE “translations” galore

EVENT: San Francisco 8/13-14 Pistahan

It’s that time of the year again! The 18th annual Pistahan event is happening in San Francisco Yerba Buena Gardens this weekend 8/13-14. Besides showcasing Baybayin, we will have a custom toy show titled “Heritage and Heroes”. I believe this is the 1st Filipino themed custom toy show.

What else is going on?

  • Live Baybayin wood burning
  • Free name translations
  • Art showcase
  • Baybayin App demo
  • Workshops
  • What else???????

Come hang out with Ray and I this weekend

Check out Pistahan.net for more info

Photo: Custom Munny’s by Eggay Gonda

Project updates…Baybayin toys, documentary, new book, art

I originally aimed to release my Baybayin Documentary late 2010 but I’ll need to push it out to early next year. Why? 1) There’s still a few more people I want to interview, 2) I want to feature some of the interesting activity Baybayin enthusiasts are doing on Facebook and Twitter, 3) I finally opened my online art store and 4) Have been a couple art shows coming up (more details soon).

One of my upcoming projects will be in Pasadena, CA on November 20. This one will not be a Filipino event, it’s actually an Urban Art and Toy show. Over the past few months I’ve been working on customizing a couple Kid Robot toys. Here’s one of the figures that will be on sale soon. Contact me if your interested in purchasing one.