Baybayin Duha snapback hat

baybayin duha snapback
“Baybayin Duha”, Usa means 2 in Bisaya and Baybayin (incorrectly known Alibata) is the writing system used in the Philippines prior to Spanish colonization. Placing the ancient script is a perfect combination of the old and new representing cultural identity through style. The crocodile skin isn’t just for fashion but has a direct connection to indigenous Philippine belief systems and it’s not about the 21ft Buwaya that was found in the southern islands. Crocodile patterns have been used in textiles, swords and tattoos.

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Grey polyester crown with a visor wrapped in faux grey crocodile skin


Embroidered 17 base Baybayin characters

Snapback one size fits all (fits head size of 64cm)

Designed by Baybayin artist, Kristian Kabuay

Limited to only 100 pcs worldwide


It was bound to happened! My logo collaboration hat I did with Philippine based WIP Caps (black and white on the right) has been pirated along with another street wear brand, Capital G (middle).

While stealing from local companies sucks, in my case, there’s a little hope that maybe the Baybayin exposure will lead to an interest in the script. Yeah, I’ll admit that it’s a little flattering but at the same time I’m a little concerned if I find my personal logo on crappy shirts in a tiangge. Honestly though, I don’t think it will spark an interest. The demographic that buys cheap and knowingly pirated goods are probably not the same type of people who would want to become a Baybayin writer. They only look at the price of items rather than the value.

WIP Caps x Christian Cabuay

WIP Caps x Christian Cabuay

I’m proud to show you a sneak peak of my collaboration with the premier Philippine hat company, WIP Caps. For those that don’t know, I’m a hat freak and have over 20 fitteds in my collection.

The hat comes in clean white with my Ka logo. The sword represents the struggle and the pen represents art. It will be available in specialty retailers the Philippines and US around July. I’ll also have limited edition edition AP (Artist Proof) that will be individually numbered and hand embellished.