Eugene Amano's clothing line

Filipino pro football paler Eugene Amano has is own clothing line “Amano Island Strength”. Check out the signature line from the myspace page. The Baybayin characters below are S-T-RE-NG-T-H. Kind of a strange transliteration in my opinion. Shouldn’t this be LA-KA or LA-KA-S?

Here’s probably what happened…..a search was made on google for “Alibata translator” and landed on the popular “Eagle’s corner”. Strength was typed in the translator using the modified “SPanish” version because using traditional would only return the “DA/RA” glyph. Some are under the impression that a Baybayin translator is also an English to Tagalog translator as well.

4 thoughts on “Eugene Amano's clothing line

  1. Thats what he want'''' but if he also want to write that in tagalog,…that will be LAKAS—-LA-KA-S or LA KA.. Iam also using that style but,I used the RA symbol different from DA. my RA has slash on its lower part of the symbol. And Iam no longer using the Cross symbol from the Spanish infuenzzz'.

  2. Oh, man…I was wondering if I was the only one who saw this too. Makes me a little crazy. You’re absolutely right…should’ve been “lakas” or “laka” . I don’t think it occurred to the designer that baybayin is going to be read as Tagalog, not in English. Wish he’d gotten in touch with the baybayin community before putting out such a public product! Not to mention, it doesn’t represent this NFL football player in the best way! To leave on a positive note, though, it can be looked at as a cross-cultural Fil-Am piece.

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