Baybayin brush font

For a limited time, download my brush style Baybayin font for FREE. If you ever used Paul Morrow’s fonts, they work the same way. I haven’t create documentation yet but you can get some basic info by downloading one of the files from Paul Morrow. For personal use only. Check out to learn how to install. Contact me with any questions. 

Get it at

5 thoughts on “Baybayin brush font

  1. I’m trying to create a usable font that fits all the linguistic needs of the Hiligaynon dialect. It includes 5 vowels, consonants with diacritics for each of the five vowels, consonants without vowels, and a special diacritic for glottal stop vowels. Unlike the monks who developed the consonant script using the western cross symbol, I’m borrowing ideas from related language scripts that have the aforementioned diacritics. If I am successful, I would like to share with anyone who’s interested in keeping pre-hispanic Philippine culture alive. Thank you, and good day to you all!

  2. I got a font program, but it’s quite complicated to use. How I really wish I could get a talented artist (such as Mr. Cabuay) to try out my idea. If you’re interested, just post here and I will send you a sample of what I have in mind. I’m looking mostly toward Bali and Kawi script for ideas, although I’ve reached as far west as southern India for ideas of how Baybayin might have evolved without the influence of European cultures. I don’t have anything in mind other than to help popularize this unique-but-widely-unappreciated cultural treasure by making it more practical for modern use (while not tainting it’s essence), embellish it with artistic calligraphy (which I’m not talented enough to do), and spread it to as many people who want to get in touch with their roots (and hopefully they will also make their own calligraphic embellishments and spread it further).

    I used my wife’s dialect as a touchstone, but it can easily work for any dialect.

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