Baybayin brush font

For a limited time, download my brush style Baybayin font for FREE. If you ever used Paul Morrow’s fonts, they work the same way. I haven’t create documentation yet but you can get some basic info by downloading one of the files from Paul Morrow. For personal use only. Check out to learn how to install. Contact me with any questions. 

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Baybayin essay

Baybayin is a writing system that was in use by the Tagalogs in the Philippines when the Spaniards colonized the area. It is a syllabic writing system, meaning that each symbol represents a syllable. The base symbol represents a syllable ending with an ‘a’ sound. Modifiers, called kudlit, could be added to the symbol to change the vowel sound from an ‘a’ to an ‘e’ or ‘i’ (when placed above) or to an ‘o’ or ‘u’ (when placed below). [Read more]

Written by Anthony