Philippine memories in Baybayin

I usually try to sleep on the train on the way to work but for some reason, I couldn’t. I decided to work on a client sketch of Pampanga. While writing it, I remembered the last time I was there. After that, I started to remember the various cities/provinces I visited/hung out/lived while in the Philippines. Good times

Cavite had narrow roads and a beach that had sharp pebbles instead of sand.

Mindoro was the 1st island I went to. I remember going there with some friends who made “boso” one of the girls that was with us. San Miguel at the beach and a clear sky.

Makati was/is the place to be at night. I remember getting there at 2am and everything was just getting started. After drinking at Peps on Pasay road then switching to Planet Beer on Makati ave, we would end up having burgers at Burger Machine.

Quiapo is well known for the Church but I went there to look for audio gear at the hole-in-the-wall 2nd hand shops. I remember going all the way there from Pasig because a friend of mine got a Roland Space Echo there for almost nothing.

Where I lived as a toddler and as a knucklehead 20 something. I’ll probably move back in the Pasig area again after I make my riches here in AmeriKKKa.

I also made places I want to visit. Add me on Facebook to see Boracay, Cebu, etc….

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