Baybayin conversations

I had my 1st of a series of Baybayin conversations at JJClothing in Milpitas, CA. I did about 60 translations (free of course).  It was fun meeting people and teaching the basics of the script. I estimate about 80% of the visitors didn’t know about it and 20% knew it as Alibata. I think about 1 out of 10 people I did translations for where truly interested in the script. I printed about 150 worksheets and only about a dozen were picked up. I’ll be back there next month. Subscribe to the blog to keep updated or at

Richard Gali of

One thought on “Baybayin conversations

  1. I am planning to also put up my own clothing business basing on Baybayin and Filipino History and Culture. But that would take years before I will realize this dream. Any suggestions on how to spread our patriotism to the masses? Where do I start? I am planning to start this as a hobby since I am still new with this and I still needed to develop my skills in writing and putting it into art. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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