Fil-Am Ako feature

I was recently interviewed on Fil-Am Ako

Here’s a snippet:

What do you feel needs to change with Filipinos and how the world views Pinoys?
Change the name of the country. You can’t be mayabang (boastful, cocky) and celebrate Pinoy achievements/freedom while still having your country named after a colonial master. True, the rest of the world doesn’t give a s#!t what we do but if we change the name, we would be sending a message that we are creating our own identity rather than carrying a legacy or using our “ingenuity” to spin it in a positive light. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not under any delusion that simply changing the name of the country will resolve all our ills but I believe it’s a step in the direction of real freedom. Other countries have done it but still have their issues but at least they chose their path. Keeping our country name is like the divorced with keeping her last name for convince and sentimental value after her husband beated her for hundreds of years. She refuses to change it because she likes it, has nicknames around it and it would be a big ass hassle to change her drivers license.

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4 thoughts on “Fil-Am Ako feature

  1. interesting concept. particularly the part about other countries that have changed their name. it doesn’t solve the problems they faced but it is a unified action that is perhaps the first step in the right direction as a unified group. very interesting thought that merits serious consideration

  2. The names we use for places are extremely important. I grew up in the far East Bay under the shadow of a mountain most people call Mt. Diablo; a mistranlation of the Spanish name for the area, “Devil’s thicket” or “Monte del Diablo.” Native Californians from all over California had different names for it. Most citizens of Contra Costa County don’t question the origin of the name just as they take for granted that the mountain is a major part of their lives.

    What shall we name the Philippines? Republic of Luzviminda? Or, if we are really going pre-colonial, we should create at least three new nations out of the major island groups.

  3. I agree, the name Philippines just has a certain sting to it, after our country has been raped so many times we should stop being willing to subject ourselves to foreign identities. It just promotes a nationwide amnesia of our own culture and heritage. We lost our sense of pride by idolizing everything Western, etc. If we start calling ourselves ‘Maharlikans’ or the like, hopefully someday soon we’ll be studying more of our own art, history and culture. Hopefully people will start talking more in our own language and be proud to teach it to their children as well, possibilities are endless.

    Here’s an article about changing the Philippine name into Maharlika, Katagalugan or Bayanihan, enjoy!

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