Baybayin Alive

Perla Daly recently started a blog called Baybayin Alive discussing the idea that the script has deeper meaning.

I just recently started this blog which will be dedicated to sharing some of the deeper meanings of various baybayin symbols. Some meanings are quite old. Other interpretations are new. But it remains that the archetypal meanings of symbols can be timeless.

If you have the ability to think metaphorically or like an indigenous person, you can better come to understand the hidden meanings of the baybayin. You can readily develop the ability if you are open. This can be a small awakening, steps towards pagbabalikloob and decolonization

An interesting post is about the Ba character and how it relates to women. One source of these ideas is from G.E. Tolentino’s book,  “Ang Wika at ang Baybaying Tagalog” in 1937. In it, he describes the whole alphabet the the supposed meanings.

10 thoughts on “Baybayin Alive

  1. Hi Chris:
    Thanks for posting. Here is an excerpt from the intro of the blog:

    “Pedro Paterno’s El Cristianismo en la antigua civilization tagalog(1892) and a 1972 article by Guillermo Tolentino, A National Artist could easily be cited as the originators of the various deeper meanings of the baybayin because they wrote and published these concepts first. But, many writers of the first books of age-old epics or folks songs are not necessarily the originators or owners of the common known oral traditions of their times.

    That said, the deeper meanings of baybayin could very well have existed in times way beyond than when they were written about and they could have been widespread among Filipinos and not just the ponderings of only the men who first wrote about them.”

  2. check out the Ebru TV interview of Baybayin artist Ameurfina Nazario. Click on:
    Blank Canvas, 1/05Nazario and Zubeide at the following link:

    She interprets the deeper significance of various names, including Bathala and America, and words, by rendering them in baybayin and then interpreting the forms’ various meanings through an artist’s subjective eye. Fascinating and fun.

  3. Sapay kuma ta addan tu tiempo nga ma-adal tayo manen ti pinagsurat tay idi un-una-na.
    Mayat kuma no isuru da diay ka-pilipin-nuan daytoy; tapno kasta ket ma-amuan tay mannen ti
    nag-gapuwanan tayo nga Pilipino.

  4. Hello, I downloaded the Baybayin font. can i use this for my future artworks like on my website or twitter page?

    And, can you help me on “nga” and “o” or “u” using the baybayin font style?

  5. hello, 

    i want to get a tattoo in baybayin script.. but the problem is i don’t know how to write it (and im always afraid of making a mistake) if i want to make a tattoo, then i want to have the correct translation. could anybody help me to write “kung binato ka ng bato, tinapay ang ingati mo” in baybayin? i would be really glad if someone could help me. please contact me at “” thank you!!

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