Akbayan SJSU & AKO

Last month, Akbayan San Jose State University hosted an “Alibata” workshop “taught” by the brothers of AKO. While I didn’t attend this workshop, I was a bit annoyed by the use of Alibata. I get it if Alibata was used because that’s what people know it as but was explanation about the historical aspect of it? I doubt it. Besides the misdemeanor term, I question the the translation of AKO in the postcard below. I totally understand that it’s A.K.O (Alpha Kappa Omega) but it’s so obviously incorrect. If you use “Fob it”, “Be cool” and provide an wrong translation (isn’t even a loose one) with a backwards A character, you have no business running a workshop. Sorry

My biggest issue is that myself and others, spend a lot of time and money trying to revive Baybayin. When misseducation like this gets out, it makes what we do a whole lot harder.

While I don’t claim to be an expert in Baybayin, I know the basics. Hell, anyone can just by reading a few websites. Even Wikipedia has good info. Yeah, Baybayin (Alibata) is cool but don’t throw crap out there.

Yes, I emailed them and commented on posts but never received a response

incorrect alibata workshop

incorrect alibata

One thought on “Akbayan SJSU & AKO

  1. Well, it’s likely that these frat bros have probably little to no understanding that you just can’t write characters any which way no matter what the writing system. Personally their “Fob it” line says a lot about how they feel about their culture and is frankly rather disrespectful of their parents and/or grandparents.

    There really isn’t much excuse to be writing things in Baybayin incorrectly like that. It is not like there isn’t plenty of material out there to reference the characters. Baybayin is one of the easiest writing systems to use, so this really just says there’s a sloppiness to what they were doing. If you’re going to work with a writing system and teach a work shop you’d better come correct.

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