Baybayin on coins

This is a guest post from MARY ANN UBALDO (Panday Ginto Urduja)
I have known from Professor Gandhi Cardenas about the Baybayin “Pi” in our Pilipino coins in the denominations of 1 peso ( Year 1996,1997,1998,2000,&2001) & 10 peso Philippine Millenium 2000-2001 Series. I have 14 of these coins as a gift from Gandhi from the early 2000. I have been wearing this Philippine Millenium Series 2001, 10 peso coin as a necklace & have given Perla Daly one of these coins as a gift. The font used in these coins are from Baybayin Lopez 1620. The Baybayin “Pi” is located below the neck of Andres Bonifacio.

VIEW THE PICTURE OF THE Philippine Millenium Series 2000-2001
Ten Piso Coin

5 thoughts on “Baybayin on coins

    • Pi probably represents Pilipino. It’s not just that specific coin. The Pi is also on the few others as well. It’s pretty small

  1. “Pi” actually was the name of a very ancient tagalog clan, so ancient that no one can really remember, other than those gifted few who possess knowledge of a genuine past that was hidden from the memory of men … similarly forgotten was the clan of “Nga”, who made union of its native race with other clans, like “Su”, “Ti”, “Bi” and many others … that is why now we know the names “sunga”, “binga”, “tinga” and so on and so forth … and for those who say that “Pi” represents “Pilipino”, they are like the friars and writers of the past who were ignorant of the noble past of our true tagalog heritage …

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