Baybayin Buhayin iPhone app now available in iTunes Philippines

The Baybayin Buhayin app has just been released on the Philippine Apple app store. It’s FREE for a limited time. If your outside the Philippines, you can get it by creating another Apple account and choosing the Philippines as your home country. Once all setup, search for Baybayin. For Philippine accounts, here’s the direct link. This is only V1. Look out for more features soon.

Some basic info about the script

The most interesting part is the tutorial where you can trace the strokes. There’s even audio of the pronunciation.

6 thoughts on “Baybayin Buhayin iPhone app now available in iTunes Philippines

  1. I hope it becomes available on other stores soon too. From the fit and finish, it looks like a lot of work went into the fit and finish – congratulations to the team who worked on it!

    I see the first screenshot uses some content taken from the English Wikipedia article on Baybayin. They must have taken that within the past couple of months because about a month and a half ago some clown vandal went into the article and made all sorts of ridiculous changes. One of them is still in the article: s/he changed the name of Pedro Chirino to Pedro Chorizo (chorizo is of course a Spanish sausage). I just gave up on trying to clean up on all the mess that person put in the article, which is why “Pedro Chorizo” shows up in this screenshot. *sigh*

  2. Hi Chris,

    Yes, the team was really excited doing the project, lots of sleepless nights at starbucks coffee store here in Manila. In fact, when it got chosen by Glob Lab MobApp Hunt as one of the winners, we felt privileged and joyful as we see this small step come into realization and got appreciated.

    Thanks for pointing this detail up. Looks like we need to do further research from other source and release downloadable update to amend the Baybayin 101 content.

    We will inform everyone with the update release via Baybayin Buhayin website, facebook page and through this blog.

    Baybayin Buhayin!

  3. Christian, thanks for posting Baybayin Buhayin 1.0 App on your blog!

    True, this is just a start. Baybayin Buhayin team is planning a lot to promote and put into everyday use our Ancient script. There’s so much on our plane now and are developing/designing one by one. More features are stored for this app, so please expect updates in the near future. We’re also excited to collaborate with you and other Baybayin enthusiasts/promoter around the globe.

    “If I will have the chance to hit it, I will hit it hard.” – Abraham Lincoln (upon witnessing slave trade on Mississippi river)

    Baybayin Buhayin!

  4. Nice movie, but as a developer myself, I should warn you guys about using the Apple logo in promoting your app. They *don’t* like that – since it’s a trademark of Apple, they want to reserve it for their own use alone –, and you risk having Apple legal coming after you and could possibly risk them removing the app from the app store. Probably the same warnings go for the iPhone tune. You could always use a Baybayin ‹b[a]› letter and play around with a resemblance to an apple, but for your own protection, you would do well to consider withdrawing that video and removing the logo. Take a good look at the developer agreement!

    Just a friendly warning from someone in the know…

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