Agimat trailer

Pretty old but never posted it here. It’s the Agimat TV series from ABS-CBN. Looks the the Baybayin is from the Doctrina Christiana.

2 thoughts on “Agimat trailer

  1. Looks like it’s a part with the Lord’s Prayer. When the AGIMAT logo explodes near the end of the clip, just to the right of it I can make out “sa langit” and just below that “ang ngalan mo”.

    I can’t stop laughing at the pouty looks the actors put on! Oh, they look so tuff and scaaawy…!

  2. They definitely took text from the first four lines of the Ama namin,which are separated across two pages in the Doctrina, and then played around with it, reversing black and white and adding a brown tone. This at least on the right hand side. I’m not sure where the text on the left comes from, but I’m sure it must also be from the DC.

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